What Is Your Why?

Allow your dreams to pull you forward and let your fears push you towards your goals.
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When you’re embarking on something new it’s important to know your why. It was Tony Robbins who explained that two things motivate people, to move towards pleasure and move away from fear. It’s these guiding principles that should lead us in the direction we’re going. The best place to start is what is your why?

Your why could be many different things, traveling the world, creating financial freedom, or working for yourself. Tony Robbin’s advice is to let your dreams pull you to the future and let your fears push you. At the beginning of your journey, this is especially true, so the question to ask yourself is what is your why?

Start With Why Not

To find your why first take a look at why not. People don’t tend to regret the things they did do, but rather the things they didn’t do. Imagine reaching the end of your life, looking back and wondering ‘what if.’ What if I took the chance? What if I made that investment? What if I got out of my comfort zone and took that leap of faith?

You can’t know these answers unless you try. You think about all the things you could have done differently and whether or not you would be in a better place. This is why you need to ask yourself now ‘why not me?’ No one wants to live a life of regret, so challenge your current mindset and ask that question.

It’s fear that stops us from pursuing the things we want to do and by asking why not we’re using that fear to push ourselves in the direction we want to go. No matter what you want to do push away from the fear, ask yourself why not and you’ll know your why better as well. Fear can be a useful motivator if you know how to utilize it properly.

Before you figure out what is your why, think about why not.
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How To Find Your Why

You can’t give yourself to something with 100% unless you are truly passionate about it. This is why it’s important to figure out what is your why. For many people, this could be linked to money and work. Creating financial freedom or breaking free from the 9-5 grind are strong motivators. At the start of your journey if you know your why this will help motivate you and pull you in the direction you want to go.

For other people, it might be less to do with money and more to do with getting to spend more time with your family. Financial freedom will also give you the time to pursue charitable endeavors and things close to your heart. By changing up your career you can build something that not only helps you but also the people around you.

To really know your why you can have a conversation with yourself that outlines your goals. What motivates you? What are you passionate about? Where do you want to be in 1, 5, or 10 years? Then work on a plan that addresses what you can do today that will help you get to those points.

Why Breeds Change

One thing that comes from being an online entrepreneur like an internet marketer or a content creator is the ability to set your own rules. You earn the privilege of creating something that not only services you but the people around you. As you find success you’ll be able to help friends and family too. 

The old way of working is on the way out and by engaging in a job online you can remove the rigid structure of your old career. Digital nomads can work wherever they want and whenever they want. If you’re struggling to find your why perhaps this is it? To see the world, work at hours that suit you, and take time off when you need it.

This kind of freedom used to only be reserved for the filthy rich. Now it’s a very real possibility for anyone with an internet connection. If you’re thinking to yourself that it’s too late to start this, then remember to ask yourself ‘why not you?’

It's not too late to start. Just find out what is your why and commit to the process.
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Know Your Why Then Commit

You start with why and then you make a commitment to yourself to pursue your goals. Let your dreams pull you towards your future and fears push you from where you are. One way to demonstrate your commitment is to burn your bridges. The things that encourage you to stay stuck in the same position because it’s comfortable. You might be in school but are dreaming of doing something else, or working a job that pays the bills and nothing else.

Take a leap of faith and drop out or quit, so you can put 100% of your energy into your dream. By removing the safety net and burning your bridges you will be more dedicated to being the best you can be. A lot of us have come to a point in our lives where it’s either what we’re doing now or the unknown.

Fear can keep us from wanting to know what the unknown actually is. Instead, we just skip the whole thing and make what we’re doing now work because that’s all we know. Ultimately, this way of thinking won’t propel you forward, whereas taking the risk of the unknown can. If you remove any safety nets and ask yourself why not you, then you may end up pushing yourself towards success.

What Is Your Why: Final Thoughts

If you can find your why then you can use that to engage with your dreams and motivate yourself to be the best you can be. Your why might be completely different from anything mentioned here but it’s still very important to know. Take the time to figure it out, as, in the long run, it will help keep you on track.

Don’t let fear overcome you, you need to change your relationship with fear and use it as a motivation tool to propel you towards success. If fear is getting the best of you then remember to ask yourself ‘why not me.’ You can achieve anything you want to, so don’t let negative thinking keep you from your calling.

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