What is attraction marketing

What Is Attraction Marketing?

You have probably heard the term “Attraction Marketing” thrown around a few times if you are in the network marketing industry.

But what exactly is attraction marketing? And how can it benefit you and your business?

Attraction marketing is nothing new. In fact, it is a style of marketing that has been used by countess corporations and small business owners like yourself.

The True Definition Of Attraction Marketing

What is attraction marketing

If you were to open up another tab in your Internet browser and search attraction marketing in Google you would get a definition like this:

Attraction Marketing – The use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them way before they purchase it.

That sounds all fun and dandy but what does that mean as a network marketer?

In a nutshell, attraction marketing is a way to attract prospects and customers to you by adding value to the market place, solving problems, and serving your target audience by creating content that addresses your target market’s challenges.

There are three major things attraction marketing does for you:

1. Builds relationships
2. Create loyal fans
3. Create trust

All three of these benefits are crucial pieces to the puzzle of being successful and are very important! Ill explain why shortly.

Different Methods Of Attraction Marketing

What is attraction marketing

There are several different ways you can implement attraction marketing into your business.

To make things easier, realize that it is not much different from different digital marketing tactics.

Video marketing is one of the best, and personally my favorite way, to market. Using video to market yourself is one of the strongest and fastest ways to grow your business.

This is because with video you are able to get people to know, like, and trust you much faster than any other method.

Check out my Youtube Channel with my training videos to see what I mean.

However, if you are not a big video person (and many people are not so don’t worry…you are not alone) there are plenty of other methods to choose from.

Blogging is another great way to strategically place yourself in front of your audience. You can blog about your specific niche and how your products can be beneficial to others.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are also great venues for attraction marketing.

Each of these platforms is unique and can be used individually or together to brand yourself and position you for massive success in your business.

​Is Branding Yourself Necessary?

What is attraction marketing

But wait…

You might be thinking: “Why can’t I just use the website and links my company gave me to promote my business?”

Here is my quick answer:


What makes you unique and sets you apart from the other thousands of partners in the same company who are promoting the same exact opportunity and products?

Why would a prospect decide to join you versus anyone else on your team?

On the other hand, when you put yourself in front of the company you are with and brand yourself, you are setting yourself apart from the rest of the herd by becoming an authority figure.

And with attraction marketing if you are able to grow an audience of loyal fans that know, like and trust you, they WILL buy from you. (Hence why all pieces to this puzzle are important)

It Works…But Why?

Here’s the deal. Nobody likes to feel like they are being sold something. Period. It rubs practically every human being on the planet the wrong way.

On the other hand, we all like to buy things. The catch is, we only like to buy things when we WANT to buy them and believe they will benefit us in some fashion.

This is why sending prospects to your website and spamming the internet with company signup links in hopes of a desperate soul clicking on it and joining your business because they are looking for a second stream of income and keeping their options open doesn’t really work.

I’m not saying you will NEVER get results this way. There are many marketers who do get a few sales and signups like this. I’m including myself in this sample because I used to do it too!

But if you are serious about building a long term, sustainable business (which I am sure you are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) than attraction marketing is a must.

Instead of pitching your business opportunity to a prospect, provide VALUE to them. Offer some type of solution to help them solve a problem that they are struggling with.

When you do this by creating content and becoming an authority figure, people will literally be ATTRACTED to you. They wont be able to help it!

What’s even better is that these people who are attracted to you will ask you what you are doing, and some will even ask you to join your business.

To many, this is a much more ideal than having to chase person after person down to watch a 20-minute business presentation.

Climb The Mountain To Freedom

What is attraction marketing

Another beautiful thing about attraction marketing is that it allows your business to be scalable.

Yes, prospecting and recruiting in the cold market is necessary and has its place, but you don’t want to be chasing strangers forever do you?

After all, I am sure you didn’t leave your other full time job to trade it in for another full time prospecting job.

That’s far from the time freedom we all dream about when we first joined this industry.

With attraction marketing it becomes a complete game changer.
When done right, you will begin to receive a constant flow of interested targeted prospects ready to buy whatever you are selling.

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

What is attraction marketing

When I first heard about this concept, I began learning the principles of attraction marketing to help me build my business.

I was tired of chasing people down, doing three way calls, home meetings, and trying to convince friends and family members to join what I believed to be a golden opportunity.

Attraction marketing can be extremely helpful, especially if you are just starting off as an entrepreneur

By learning the skills taught in attraction marketing I quickly switched from being the hunter of prospects to becoming the hunted.

And it is an awesome feeling!

Applying the techniques learned in attraction marketing will not only explode your business, but it will set you apart for success, and allow you to thrive in any business whether your current company stays relevant or not.

Long story short: With attraction marketing if they know, like, and trust you…they will buy from you.

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