What Does Success Mean To You?

How do you define success? Through money, power, or fame?
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If you have stumbled on this article, you are probably on a mission to be “successful”. Success is a measurement that we apply to many different aspects of our lives. Success can come in the form of academic achievement, sporting wins, scoring a big contract at work, overcoming a personal obstacle, any countless others. However, despite what you might see on Instagram, success comes in all shapes and sizes and is different for every person because everybody has different wants, needs, and desires. So let’s take a deeper look at what does success actually mean?

At the end of the day, you need to have something that drives you in order to help you achieve something. Whether it’s money, fame, power, or finally scoring a viral video on TikTok, how you define success will ultimately be decided by what drives you. In the world of entrepreneurship, success can come in many different forms, but you need to have something that drives you. Something that keeps you going through the late nights and hard work for potentially little to no pay in the beginning.

What Defines Success?

I know, it’s a big question.How do you define success? Where do you even start? Let’s look at it from a macro and micro level. For the macro level, I think Tai Lopez’s philosophy on ‘the good life’ is an excellent example of the different kinds of motivation we all share. The following four things are the core pillars of what makes a fulfilling life and therefore can be applied as a measuring stick to what we defines success as.


Firstly, your health is very important. Your overall health will directly impact the other three pillars of the “good life”. So you must keep your overall health in good shape. You can achieve this by eating a balanced diet, going to the gym, and staying active. You’ll keep your mind sharp and your joints limber. 

A rich person in hospital can’t trade their wealth for their health if there isn’t a cure. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn if you don’t look after your body and mind it could all be cut short and end up meaningless. That’s why we shouldn’t define our success only in its monetary value. Your health is precious and you need to look after it.


Does money really  buy happiness? Honestly more money isn’t going to hurt anyone. However, I’m not just talking about having financial stability, this has more to do with financial FREEDOM. The kind of money in the bank that not only covers your bills but helps out your loved ones too.

Having more wealth doesn’t give you happiness, but it does give you more options (and that’s key). By attaining wealth on a level that reduces the restrictions of what you can do in life, will ultimately lead to you feeling more fulfilled. It’s money that will allow you to travel the world, buy a plot of land to build your dream home, or support underserved communities that you really care about

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Love and relationships  is something that we all crave, whether it’s from a significant other, your family, friends, church, community or even your dog. It enriches our lives and for many people, it’s our reason for being. 

It can also be applied to our work. If you love what you do then naturally it’s going to be more satisfying. Fulfilment at work is incredibly important for your mind, it can help you focus and keep going through the early days.


This is the hardest thing on this list to define, but happiness is one of the pillars of the “good life”. How you define happiness might be completely different from someone else, but understanding what makes you happy can enrich your life. You may find happiness through your spiritual life, by spending quality time with your loved ones or working on a passion project.

It’s these four things that we all need to feel satisfaction and fulfilment with our lives. If you can find all four of these traits in abundance then you, my friend, have got the golden ticket. This is what defines success at a macro level, the kind of things that most, if not all of us can empathize with.

What Does Success Mean?

How do you define success on a micro level? The micro-level is where it will differ for each of us. What are the exact things that drive us? And how will we succeed in achieving them? To understand this, you may need to consider what your why is. Once you have a clear picture of your why and what the things that drive you are, you’ll be able to know what your goals are, and what success looks like when you achieve them

What’s my definition of success? (You might be wondering) My definition of success is being in a position that not only benefits me and my aspirations but also helps others do the same. As an example, building an online business is something I do for myself and for my own personal and financial reasons. Those reasons are a desire to become financially independent, travel the world, and create a legacy by building generational wealth

With that said, I would not find it nearly as fulfilling for me to build something like this if I was not able to share it with others or show them how I’m making it happen. This is why I share what I know and what I learn as I embark on this entrepreneurial journey. It’s important to me to be able to share my knowledge in easy-to-understand chunks so that others can be empowered to build their own businesses.

This is one of my biggest motivations because the more successful I become, the more knowledge I will have to turn around and share with others. With that knowledge, it is my hope that others will achieve greater success on their own entrepreneurial journeys. As an entrepreneur, you can impact yourself, the people around you, and even the world.

How Do You Define Success?

Now you need to think about what success means to you on a micro-level. It doesn’t have to be the same as anything mentioned above. This definition belongs to you and it is unique to you. If it’s as simple as making more money then that’s cool. Money is a very powerful motivator and you certainly won’t be alone in that goal (just remember that money is only 1 out of the 4 pillars to a good life)

Your definition could be something like giving back to your community or helping to lift your family out of poverty. Micro success could mean the ability to travel the world as a digital nomad. Perhaps you just want to have more time to spend with your family or be able to read more books. It can be anything! Take some time right now and think about this question: “What does success look like…for me?”

What does success mean to you?
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Final Thoughts 

Whether it’s a monetary goal, peer recognition, or a business milestone, success in any field always feels extremely rewarding. It’s important to have goals and you should take the time to celebrate your small wins when they happen. Keep in mind the kind of things you’d like to achieve and use those goals to help drive you forward.

Embarking on any new project takes a lot of time and effort. In the beginning, you’ll likely be working for very little and putting in a lot of hours to build up traction. But I promise you, if you do not quit, it’s only a matter of time. In the meantime, you owe it to yourself to celebrate your success, no matter how small they may appear at the moment.

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