The Difference Between Sales & Marketing

Navigate through the subtle differences between sales and marketing and learn how to implement both in order to grow a successful business.

sales and marketing

A lot of people don’t know the difference between sales and marketing.

Most people think they do the same thing whereas, there are subtle differences between them.

Let’s start with their definitions.

Sales vs Marketing

By definition, sales is the exchange of a commodity for money or the action of selling something.

But I define sales as an interaction happening on a one on one basis.

That is, the decision to buy something happens on an individual level, from person to person.

On the other hand, marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

In other words, it is the pre-selling phase.

This is where you precondition individuals to buy from you.

Moreover, with marketing, you can reach the masses.

You can do whatever you want to reach a maximum of people, like run ads, do campaigns, etc.

Marketing makes sales easy.

If you do your marketing right, then your selling wouldn’t be a problem for you.

What marketing entails

sales vs marketing

I remember when I first started in online marketing, I chose network marketing.

For those who don’t know about network marketing, it’s quite simple.

It is getting people to buy your product or join your team and those who join your team do the same.

People will usually advise you to start networking with people you know.

That is your family members, friends, etc, before reaching out to complete strangers.

That way, you have a base and you’re not getting into the unknown from the get-go.

So that is what I did.

I reached out to my family members, friends, acquaintances, etc and I had my base.

But now was the time for me to reach out to the world.

It was time for me to tell strangers about my product and have them trust me enough to buy my services.

And that was when I started to realize and understand the difference between sales and marketing.

Back in the day, as a network marketer, you needed to literally chase people around.

You had to be in malls, at gas stations, in restaurants, introducing your products and hoping people will buy.

And one of the things networkers had to deal a lot with was rejection.

But nowadays, with technology and everything, you could be in the comfort of your room and sell your products.

One of the disadvantages of doing sales without first marketing, is you are not prequalifying people.

You are not giving them the opportunity to know your brand or you and build that trust with you.

Advantages of marketing

So, the main advantage of marketing first, is giving people time and the opportunity to know you and your products.

You give them content, value and you raise a fan base even before the selling has began.

This was what gave me the boost to grow a proper business.

Because not only was I able to gain people’s attention, I found the right people who came to me to ask questions about the services I offer.

That was when I chose internet marketing as my starting point because of the impact it offers me.

I then decided to master all the twists and tricks in order to do it right.

That is why going through the process of marketing is important.

Instead of having people buying from you instantly (sales), they get to know you and your products first (marketing).

People will buy from you, if they know who you are, like who you are, and trust who you are.

This is also what pushed me to leave the company I was involved with because I realized they were struggling to sell.

They were focused on sales without the marketing part and it wasn’t working for them.

So I eventually left, learned about marketing, and decided to teach people what I learned along the way.

How Sales and Marketing complement each other

how to grow your business

Alright, I know I am preaching so much about marketing and you may think sales aren’t important.

Remember, to build a successful business, you need to have both techniques.

You market first, then your selling will be easy.

Not the contrary.

If all you do is sell, sell, sell, you may be wasting a lot of time and you may face a lot of rejection.

Whereas, if you take the time to do your marketing right, you will be exposing your products to a wider range of people.

You will be giving a chance for your product to reach the right people.

You are enabling your product to speak for itself and producing enough content.

Seth Godin said “People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.

Marketing helps you build those relations and the story behind your products.

It provides the magic you need to promote your business.

But if you don’t have a sales system, the marketing part will fail.

You need a system to actually take the customer from hearing your story to buying your product.

You have to have customer service so the customer is well taken of and becomes a regular.

Everything needs to be structured out and that is how you grow your business.

My techniques of marketing

sales and marketing

In online marketing, I teach how to create content that is valuable.

I also teach how to promote advertising be it through ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google so people can know about your services.

And as you grab that attention, you bring them into a funnel where you close the sales.

So essentially, it looks like a marketing funnel where at the top, you start with your marketing.

That is your Facebook, Google, etc ads, your videos, your brochures, pdfs, presentations about your products.

All of that is about speaking to the masses about your products and prequalifying them.

You are letting them know about their options, sharing your value, and telling your story.

And as you begin to bring people into that funnel, the sales portion has to be covered.

Now that they are here, how can they buy?

What prizes do you offer?

How can they speak in case of issues encountered?

Do you have a one on one analysis maybe through phone?

You could have landing pages so you can communicate through emails.

It could be forms they have to fill to know their needs and wants.

That way, the customers feel taken care of and want to stay on this journey with you.

In Summary

Marketing can take your business from nothing to something.

It is the first stage to building your business.

You need to promote right, to sell right.

If you understand both aspects of business management, you will succeed.

If you are focusing on marketing strategies, then you need to focus on selling strategies too.

Because once you have those customers rushing in to buy from you, you need everything organized to handle them.

Find the right marketing techniques that will pre-sell your products and make selling easier later on.

That way, you have both activities running right and helping you make profits in your business.

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