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SamCart Review – SamCart Pricing & Features

When it comes to online shopping carts, SamCart is being used by thousands of businesses owners and entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a thorough and honest SamCart review, you have landed on the right blog post. Keep reading till the end…

Before We Get Started…

As an online entrepreneur for several years, I always pay close attention to tools and softwares that can help people grow their online businesses. You might have seen or heard about SamCart lately. I know there are a lot of online “reviews” where people just talk about the product and pitch it without ever using it to get an affiliate commission.

What makes this review different is that I try my best to always use the product first and get real world experience before offering my opinions about it. That’s why I’ve included a screenshot of the receipt notifications I receive every month for my SamCart subscription. You know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words.

SamCart Review

Screenshot of SamCart Receipt Notification

Now that that is taken care of, the following review is my honest opinions about SamCart, its features, as well as pros and cons to help you make the best decision on whether or not this checkout software is a right fit for you and your business’s needs.

What is SamCart?

SamCart is a web-based e-commerce checkout platform that offers not only conversion-optimized checkout templates but other features like order bumps, one-click upsells, payment plan capabilities, and subscription options (more on that later).

SamCart Review

In other words, it is a shopping cart software that offers almost everything you need to sell any service, physical or digital products online. All the features that SamCart comes with have been designed to help you maximize your profits generated from each and every sale you make.

Brian Moran – SamCart Founder

Brian Moran is the founder and CEO of SamCart. He is the person responsible for launching this high quality checkout platform in order to help small businesses make more money by increasing their conversion rates, providing revenue boosting opportunities and a seamless experience for both business owners and their customers.

Much of Brian’s inspiration came from overcoming his struggles with selling products online. After discovering specific practices that allowed him to make a full time income online, he created SamCart to help other online entrepreneurs leverage tools that he used and give them a better chance of finding success easier and faster than he did.

SamCart Review

Features of SamCart

SamCart is packed with a bunch of useful features that are geared towards helping you earn more money online. Whether you are selling information products or running an e-commerce store, each feature SamCart offers is designed to help you boost your earning potential.

Below I have highlighted some of the key features SamCart has to offer.

Checkout Pages

With the help of SamCart, there is no need to waste hours of your precious time designing your own checkout pages. That’s because SamCart offers you a collection of eighteen different templates that have been professionally designed. Almost all of the available templates are already highly optimized for maximized conversions.

These templates include elements like money back guarantee seals, testimonial modules, and payment security reassurances, to help you build more trust with your visitors and lower the wall of resistance that they may naturally have when considering to purchase a product.

Note: Offering a money back guarantee can significantly increase your conversion rates as well as reduce refund rates. Typically the longer the guarantee the more likely potential customers will purchase.

Another great aspect about these templates is that they are all mobile friendly, making it ideal for your customers to purchase your products on their mobile devices.

Sandbox (Test) Mode

In my experience, one of the most tedious parts about building a marketing funnel or shopping cart is making sure it is working exactly how it’s supposed to. With SamCart’s Sandbox Mode, you can ensure that everything is working perfectly before you go live.

When you are in Test Mode, you can make test purchases on any product and go through any upsell funnels without getting billed for it. SamCart even provides you with a “fake” credit card number that you can use to pretend to be your customers and walk through the buying process as if you were them. This feature gives you the ability to test out your entire funnel, and at the same time never worry about needing to refund yourself.

SamCart Review

One-Click Upsells

There is no doubt that having the ability to offer upsells can make a huge difference on your bottom line. On average, upsells can increase revenue by 10-30% and is 70% more affordable than acquiring a new customer. SamCart offers a one-click upsell feature that allows your customers to easily add additional items to their current shopping cart with the click of a button.

With SamCart’s one-click upsell options you can increase the average sale value of your online business with every transaction. This process is seamless and provides the perfect opportunity for customers to take advantage of other offers you may have. If you are not currently offering upsells I highly encourage you to start. Otherwise you are leaving tons of money on the table.

One-Page Checkout

It is worth noting that 1 in 10 people who abandon their cart do so because the checkout process is too long. Offering the entire purchase process on a single page can reduce cart abandonment rates. Allowing your customers to purchase on a single page gives them a faster checkout experience, with less interruptions. That means more sales, and more happy customers for your business.

In fact, SamCart teaches a free masterclass that demonstrates how a 1-page website has helped people like Brian Moran make $1,729 per day!

SamCart Review


Simply put, cross selling is the act of selling an auxiliary product that is related with a main product. You are cross sold things all the time without even realizing it.

A common example of this is walking into a fast food burger spot and ordering a cheeseburger. A cross selling opportunity arises when the cashier asks if you would like to make your meal a combo by adding fries and a drink.

Similar to upsells, the ability to offer cross-selling bumps with SamCart provides another avenue for capitalizing on existing customers and generating more revenue per transaction by offering related products that they would find value in.

SamCart Review

Subscription Saver

When it comes to collecting recurring payments, sometimes it can be a big pain. However, with the subscription saver feature, you don’t have to worry about declined payments or expired credit cards.

When any of these situations occur, an email from SamCart is immediately sent to the customer informing them about the failed payment. That email also includes a link that will allow the customer to update their payment information directly from their inbox.

If the customer fails to update their payment information, their subscription is automatically canceled by SamCart. The customer is also marked as “delinquent” so that you can easily identify them in your account.

A/B Testing

Split testing your checkout pages is a powerful way to understand your visitors behaviors and dial into what is working and not working. The ability to split test helps you consistently improve your customer experience and discover new ways to improve conversion rates for your checkout pages.

SamCart makes this super easy to do with its A/B testing feature. With this, you can alter settings or change specific elements on your checkout pages. Once your pages go live, SamCart will automatically test different variations.

In order to check the results of your experiments, all you need to do is go to the “A/B Test” section of your settings. Based on the results you obtain,  you can decide which variation you would like to continue to run or disable. This process empowers you to optimize your checkout pages for the best conversion rates. This also allows you to understand what features your target audience resonate with the most, resulting in the closing of the sale.

Affiliate Center

In my opinion, one of the coolest features SamCart has to offer is their affiliate center. SamCart’s affiliate center allows you to create a team of affiliates who can promote your products and make sales on your behalf.

SamCart makes this process easy by automatically generating a signup page for potential affiliates. By using the sign up page, anyone can join your affiliate program, share your products or services with their audience, or promote your products with other marketing strategies. Cool right!?

SamCart Review

When a potential affiliate fills out the application for your affiliate program you will immediately receive a notification that an application has been submitted. From there you can either decide to approve or deny the application

Note: You can also set your settings to automatically approve any and all applications that are submitted for potential affiliates.

When it comes to promoting your affiliate program, you can send your sign up link to anybody who might be interested in earning affiliate commission by promoting your products. This can include: sharing it with your email list, posting it on your website, or partnering with influencers who are in your space and have an audience that would also be interested in the products you sell.

Now, what about commissions you ask? By default, SamCart sets the commission rate to 50% for every sale made. However, it’s really up to your own personal preferences. You can decide to reduce or increase the commission as well as pay your affiliates a flat rate per sale.

How does SamCart work?

Setting up a shopping cart is quite easy with SamCart and it can be done in a matter of minutes. Below I mention five simple steps that you can follow in order to begin selling any physical or digital product with the help of SamCart:

SamCart Review

  1. Add the product you want to sell.
  2. Select the payment structure of your choice (one-time payment, subscription, or payment plan)
  3. Choose the desired mobile-friendly template for your checkout page
  4. Make any changes to the template you have selected to work with
  5. Add features like split-tests variations, upsells, coupons, etc. to boost sales

And, that’s it!

Pros & Cons of SamCart

Just like any other application or program out there, SamCart also comes with both positives and negatives. I want to make sure you are aware of both sides of the coin and have included a list of pros and cons in regards to SamCart:


  • SamCart’s interface is super user friendly and easy to use
  • A/B testing feature is available
  • Can easily offer discounts and coupons
  • The “One-click Upsell” is a great feature
  • Flexible payment modes available such as payment plans, subscriptions, free trials, etc
  • A built-in affiliate management program
  • Bump offers are supported
  • A Facebook group and live chat is available for support at all times
  • Access to a comprehensive and detailed reporting dashboard


  • Only supports Stripe and PayPal
  • Affiliate system doesn’t have tracking IDs affiliates can use
  • No digital sales tax calculation built-in

SamCart Pricing

As far as the pricing of SamCart is concerned, there are 4 different plans SamCart offers: Launch plan, Grow plan, Scale plan and Enterprise.

  • Launch Plan ($49 per month)
  • Grow Plan ($99 per month)
  • Scale Plan ($199 per month)
  • Enterprise Plan ($399 per month)

SamCart Pricing

The Launch Plan is great for online entrepreneurs who are just getting started or launching their first digital or physical product. Unfortunately, this plan does not include any upsell or payment plan features. However, these features are available in the Grow and Scale plans.

The Grow Plan includes everything in the Launch Plan plus features such as customer management, subscription charge reminders, advanced subscription cancellations, and more.

The Scale Plan includes most of the advanced SamCart’s features. In addition to all the features available in the Launch and Grow plan, the Scale plan enables SamCart’s Affiliate Center, cart abandonment feature, CRM integrations, webhooks, built-in AB testing, and priority customer support.

The Enterprise Plan is for big companies. This plan gives you a dedicated account manager, integration setup, and everything you need to get started.

Checkout SamCart’s Pricing Page for a complete breakdown of all the different pricing options and what is included with each plan.

Try SamCart For Free

SamCart Review

SamCart offers a 14-day free trial, which means you can try any plan risk free if you are not ready to sign up for a monthly subscription right away. In addition, there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you try SamCart and you’re not satisfied for any reason you will get 100% of your money back.

According to SamCart, the average SamCart seller makes up to 5X more than the average seller on other platforms. What do you have to lose?

Click Here To Get Started Now.

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