How To Brand Yourself Online – Personal Branding Tips With Social Media

Why branding yourself online is important and how to use social media marketing strategies to your advantage.

How to brand yourself online.

Ever wonder how to brand yourself online like influencers do?

When people think about branding, what goes through their minds is: money, time, money, sacrifice, money. Whereas what branding is all about is, YOU: your vision, your mission, your passion and your why and as an entrepreneur, not branding yourself online is like playing a losing game.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Gary Vee once said, “Developing your personal brand is key to monetizing your passion” and while reading his book ‘Crushing it’ about entrepreneurs building their business, I realized how important it is to have an image that represents me.

Branding yourself online therefore, is important to your business, your growth, and the quality of life you want to live.

What is branding and how do you brand yourself online?

To begin with, your brand and your business are one. Branding represents and promotes your business, what you do, what you intend on doing and why people need to choose you instead of someone else.

Creating a brand for yourself separates you from others and even though there might be a lot of competition, a lot of niches, a thousand of people advertising and claiming to be the best, there is only one you and you must make the difference by being authentic.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” – Jeff Bezos.

What people are looking for is not just someone who sells well but someone they can relate to, someone who brings value. Branding yourself online is all about the relation you build with your customer; if they can trust you and the only way to bring value and create that trust, is if you give first.

Branding nowadays is so different from the 90s and with the birth of social media, you have so many ways to brand yourself: through videos, audio, writing and even through statuses, posts, quotes. You can brand anything you want: from fitness, to motivation, to social media strategy etc.

You get to talk about things you are passionate about and through your experiences/values, people get to resonate with you and that will build your network which leads to building your net worth.

Having many platforms to work with could lead to wanting to optimize them all at once and sometimes causing the opposite effect: being spammy. That is why it is important to analyze each platform, pick one and execute on it.

So, let’s get into the various methods on how to brand yourself online while using different social media strategies/platforms.

How To Brand Yourself Online :

Video Marketing:

Social media marketing strategy

This for me is the seasoning to branding yourself online.

When you offer video services, it creates a trust factor and builds your brand instantly. Why? Because people get to see you, get to know you, get to have access to your personal life and it doesn’t feel like they are being scammed.

Video marketing helps you track and measure audience engagement, increase traffic and even rank higher in search.

You can do this with YouTube, by creating long or short videos, depending on your content.

Instagram and Facebook lives are a great way to engage with your audience and this gives them the opportunity to ask questions directly without having to go through comment sections, emails, newsletters and only getting replies to days later.

Short Form/Posting:

Branding yourself online

Sometimes, what most brands lack is a medium where there can an exchange of ideas, feedback, questions from clients/customers and this can be done by posting statuses, memes, quotes on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram.

A quote a day could let your customer into your world, what you may be feeling. Posting a meme could express your funny side. Writing a post on injustice or violence could spark a conversation and let people know what you stand for.

People want to belong and with your branding, you not only show you are a real person, but you also show that aside from business, you are diversified. You have values, opinions, dreams, and that makes you stand out.

Show people you care. Show them they can trust you.

Podcast/Audio marketing:

Creating a brand for yourself

One advantage about audio marketing and podcasts is how accessible they are. You can listen to a podcast on any device, anywhere and while doing other stuff like cleaning, working or relaxing. This is also a great alternative for people who aren’t too comfortable with making videos.

Podcasts offer a cozy environment, a one-one experience, is more intimate and lets you into the mind of the producer. It therefore creates a more personal feeling, and the consumers feel taken care of.

Blog/Content Writing:

How to build your brand online

Blogging to me is the main course of building a brand for yourself online. Why? Because it is your home, your hub. You want all your content to branch back into your blog.

Blogging enables you create email lists, signup for webinars, offer trials and special offers for those who subscribe to your email lists etc.

With blogging, you can share your passion, educate others, gain exposure, improve your writing skills and rank high in search engines.

The key is to always bring people back to you and blogging helps with that.

It is, therefore, the ultimate way to brand yourself online.

To conclude,

Why is Branding Yourself Online important?

How to brand yourself online


People will recognize your business and it will build a consistent image of yourself. You will no longer have to speak for yourself, your brand will do so.


A business or person that can’t be trusted is not a profitable one and no one wants to be untrustworthy. Branding yourself online helps you build trust between you and your customers.

Good advertising:

Advertising and branding go hand in hand. When we see Nike’s logo or brand, we think of movement, power, and motivation. That is what building a brand online does and with that branding, you easily get advertised and your name speaks for itself.


Branding youself online helps you make loyal customers; customers who believe in you, customers who see value in you and once you have loyal customers, you have a steady and even rising income.

Positive work environment:

With a good branding, it also creates trust, support, and comfort in the work environment because your employees will see their worth and believe they are working for something bigger instead of just working like it was a regular job.

All in all, with a good brand, you and your business will flourish.

Final thoughts:

Remember, building a brand online is all about you, your image, and what you stand for. Always stay true to your vision and if you show up regularly, everything else will fall into place.

Now that you have learned how to brand yourself online, I hope that you will use these tips wisely.

Have a good day and God bless.

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