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Content Strategy For Entrepreneurs – 5 Best Types of Branded Content

In the next few minutes, we’re going to be taking a look at what I believe are the 5 best types of content that you need to add to your marketing strategy. Branded content is key to growing your business and influence online.

Create the life you want by scaling your business using branded content and making a lasting impression on your customers.

The aim of this article is to arm you with some powerful social media marketing ideas to help you create a powerful content strategy that will get you real results.

Learn how to effectively use branded content to connect with your audience, grow your sales and be financially free. There are 5 pieces of content you need to focus on when you’re starting or building a business online.

Whether you are trying to build a tribe, rally people around a cause, or become an influencer the first thing you need is good and effective content.

First, let’s look at why content is important and then how to create a content strategy that sells.

Why A Content Strategy Is So Important

Entrepreneurs these days need to have a social and online footprint, especially those who intend to run their business solely online.

Content marketing is the bridge that connects what you’re offering with the people that are looking for it. It helps to create a clear picture of what it is your product or service has to offer.

Content marketing helps people to understand who your brand is, what the brand stands for, and the problem that your product or service solves. In many cases, there are already other companies and individuals who are offering the same service as you.

Your content marketing strategy can be a key decision maker for many buyers – so you need to be the best.

You can win and lose sales depending on how effective your content is. A buyer may have the choice between you and several other similar solutions. You need to stand out, make a positive impression, and have a competitive offer.

If your service is consulting then your personality will be a massive factor in the buyer’s mind. Excellent content should be packed with personality to get and keep people’s interest.

Savvy content marketers will be able to create multiple pieces of content from one idea. One blog post can be a video, a podcast, multiple Instagram post ideas, as well as multiple other social media post ideas.

By using effective branded content you can provide your potential customers content in a way they enjoy.

Types Of Content


This is my personal favorite kind of content to create. The reason for that is because you can create that know, like and trust factor really quickly.

Video allows you to connect with your audience on a very personal level because your face is front and center. It allows you to create a deep connection with your audience in an organic way.. 

The scope of what you can achieve with video is almost limitless. You can create branded content that informs, entertains, and inspires.

I completely understand if the idea of getting in front of a camera sounds horrible – I felt the same when I first got started.

But it’s well worth getting over that fear as it can really benefit your business and personal brand.


Blogs are great because with just a little bit of SEO know-how you can take advantage of Google (and other search engines) organic traffic.

By targeting specific keywords that your audience is searching for you have the chance to show up on the front page of the search engine.

Blogging is a great way to educate your audience and become an authority figure within your niche.

Another benefit of having a blog is that you can create a home for all your content. Your videos and podcasts can be embedded into your articles.

You can really provide your audience with a choice for how they want to digest your content. A blog is the nexus of your content strategy, where the whole thing starts to come together.

Live Video

Live video is a lot different than uploading a video to youtube. With a regular video you can edit it, redo takes if they’re not right, apply filters, and much more.

Going live on Facebook, Instagram, or youtube it’s a lot more authentic, you can’t just show the best bits – it’s raw, unedited… it’s live. 

Going live on Instagram or Facebook is a great way to connect with your audience. You can host a Q and A and really get to know what problems you can solve for your potential customers.

Audiences can engage with you in a way that just isn’t possible with regular video content. This is another way to develop that know, like, trust factor with people.

You can also use lives to generate social media post ideas by listening to your audience’s wants and needs.


Infographics are so useful and they’re multipurpose too. You can use them on Instagram, as part of a blog post, and even in one of your videos.

Infographics share information in a visually appealing way and they do very well on Instagram and Pinterest.

Your infographic could be tips and tricks, motivational quotes, or how-tos and they’re easy to share which can help to generate organic growth back to your brand.

Infographics are so simple to make. You can use a free tool like Canva to create stunning infographics in just a few minutes.

There are plenty of templates that you can use so there is no design degree necessary to make stunning and shareable images. Canva doubles up as a great place to generate thousands of Instagram post ideas.


Podcasts are versatile and they’re perfect for online entrepreneurs and businesses. Podcast listening is on the rise across the world and people can listen to them virtually anywhere.

They make it super easy to consume information because they command less of a person’s attention. People can listen to podcasts while they are doing something else like cooking, cleaning, or driving to work.

Luckily podcasting is pretty easy to do, especially if you are already creating videos.

You can rip the audio from your video and upload it as a podcast, at a minimum you’re giving someone the choice. You can also get more creative and create a show that complements the rest of your brand and branded content.

Why You Should Diversify Your Content Strategy

There’s one compelling reason for diversifying your content strategy and that’s because everyone learns differently. Some people prefer to listen so a podcast is ideal for them.

Others will prefer to watch and they learn and retain information better when they are watching a video. You have some people who like long-form content so would prefer to read a blog post.

While others like short-form content which is where killer Instagram post ideas come in handy.


The best advice I can leave you with now is to just get started. Don’t wait until the perfect time, just pick one thing on this list and start. Get the ball rolling and learn on the way, that’s what I did when I started out with video.

From there I branched out into infographics and then went live with Q and A’s.

Pick one option that resonates with you the best, something that complements your personality and your brand.

It needs to be something that you enjoy doing because it takes to build your audience even with the best content strategy in the world.

There is no shortcut with that, so you just have to start and keep it up.

Struggling with coming up with content marketing ideas?

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