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The Difference Between Sales & Marketing

Navigate through the subtle differences between sales and marketing and learn how to implement both in order to grow a successful business.

sales and marketing

A lot of people don’t know the difference between sales and marketing.

Most people think they do the same thing whereas, there are subtle differences between them.

Let’s start with their definitions.

Sales vs Marketing

By definition, sales is the exchange of a commodity for money or the action of selling something.

But I define sales as an interaction happening on a one on one basis.

That is, the decision to buy something happens on an individual level, from person to person.

On the other hand, marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

In other words, it is the pre-selling phase.

This is where you precondition individuals to buy from you.

Moreover, with marketing, you can reach the masses.

You can do whatever you want to reach a maximum of people, like run ads, do campaigns, etc.

Marketing makes sales easy.

If you do your marketing right, then your selling wouldn’t be a problem for you.

What marketing entails

sales vs marketing

I remember when I first started in online marketing, I chose network marketing.

For those who don’t know about network marketing, it’s quite simple.

It is getting people to buy your product or join your team and those who join your team do the same.

People will usually advise you to start networking with people you know.

That is your family members, friends, etc, before reaching out to complete strangers.

That way, you have a base and you’re not getting into the unknown from the get-go.

So that is what I did.

I reached out to my family members, friends, acquaintances, etc and I had my base.

But now was the time for me to reach out to the world.

It was time for me to tell strangers about my product and have them trust me enough to buy my services.

And that was when I started to realize and understand the difference between sales and marketing.

Back in the day, as a network marketer, you needed to literally chase people around.

You had to be in malls, at gas stations, in restaurants, introducing your products and hoping people will buy.

And one of the things networkers had to deal a lot with was rejection.

But nowadays, with technology and everything, you could be in the comfort of your room and sell your products.

One of the disadvantages of doing sales without first marketing, is you are not prequalifying people.

You are not giving them the opportunity to know your brand or you and build that trust with you.

Advantages of marketing

So, the main advantage of marketing first, is giving people time and the opportunity to know you and your products.

You give them content, value and you raise a fan base even before the selling has began.

This was what gave me the boost to grow a proper business.

Because not only was I able to gain people’s attention, I found the right people who came to me to ask questions about the services I offer.

That was when I chose internet marketing as my starting point because of the impact it offers me.

I then decided to master all the twists and tricks in order to do it right.

That is why going through the process of marketing is important.

Instead of having people buying from you instantly (sales), they get to know you and your products first (marketing).

People will buy from you, if they know who you are, like who you are, and trust who you are.

This is also what pushed me to leave the company I was involved with because I realized they were struggling to sell.

They were focused on sales without the marketing part and it wasn’t working for them.

So I eventually left, learned about marketing, and decided to teach people what I learned along the way.

How Sales and Marketing complement each other

how to grow your business

Alright, I know I am preaching so much about marketing and you may think sales aren’t important.

Remember, to build a successful business, you need to have both techniques.

You market first, then your selling will be easy.

Not the contrary.

If all you do is sell, sell, sell, you may be wasting a lot of time and you may face a lot of rejection.

Whereas, if you take the time to do your marketing right, you will be exposing your products to a wider range of people.

You will be giving a chance for your product to reach the right people.

You are enabling your product to speak for itself and producing enough content.

Seth Godin said “People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.

Marketing helps you build those relations and the story behind your products.

It provides the magic you need to promote your business.

But if you don’t have a sales system, the marketing part will fail.

You need a system to actually take the customer from hearing your story to buying your product.

You have to have customer service so the customer is well taken of and becomes a regular.

Everything needs to be structured out and that is how you grow your business.

My techniques of marketing

sales and marketing

In online marketing, I teach how to create content that is valuable.

I also teach how to promote advertising be it through ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google so people can know about your services.

And as you grab that attention, you bring them into a funnel where you close the sales.

So essentially, it looks like a marketing funnel where at the top, you start with your marketing.

That is your Facebook, Google, etc ads, your videos, your brochures, pdfs, presentations about your products.

All of that is about speaking to the masses about your products and prequalifying them.

You are letting them know about their options, sharing your value, and telling your story.

And as you begin to bring people into that funnel, the sales portion has to be covered.

Now that they are here, how can they buy?

What prizes do you offer?

How can they speak in case of issues encountered?

Do you have a one on one analysis maybe through phone?

You could have landing pages so you can communicate through emails.

It could be forms they have to fill to know their needs and wants.

That way, the customers feel taken care of and want to stay on this journey with you.

In Summary

Marketing can take your business from nothing to something.

It is the first stage to building your business.

You need to promote right, to sell right.

If you understand both aspects of business management, you will succeed.

If you are focusing on marketing strategies, then you need to focus on selling strategies too.

Because once you have those customers rushing in to buy from you, you need everything organized to handle them.

Find the right marketing techniques that will pre-sell your products and make selling easier later on.

That way, you have both activities running right and helping you make profits in your business.

How To Get More Instagram Followers

By applying these simple tips, you will master how to get more Instagram followers.

how to get more instagram followers

Do you ever wonder how your favorite influencers get more Instagram followers?

It is quite simple considering how Instagram works.

Instagram is one of the best places to build a personal brand, grow your following and then monetize that following.

Moreover, with Instagram, you can literally see your business flourish using the right tools/skills.

I will be sharing with you 4 tips on how to grow your Instagram audience fast and free.

So, let’s get into it.

How to Get More Instagram Followers

1. Your Bio on Instagram

Firstly, your bio is your introduction to the world.

It could be a statement, a quote, a word, a description, something to give an idea of you who are and what you do.

If your bio isn’t interesting enough, chances are people wouldn’t want to know more about you or your products.

Also, if you do not have a bio by now, then you definitely want to rectify that.

So, not having a bio is a NO, but having an uninteresting bio or a bio with the wrong information is also a NO!

In that same light, what should you include in your bio?

You want to put in:

Who you are,

What you do,

How your audience will benefit from you and

A call to action (CTA).


Who are you?


What are you all about?

Specifically, if someone was to ask you to describe yourself in a sentence, what would you say?

A lot of people try to be cute when writing stuff in their bio and there is nothing wrong with that.

But if you are trying to make money online, then you have to be bold.

Like, use specific words, words that will push people to be curious about you.

Sell yourself and be intentional with your words.


What you do.


You could be a comedian but there are different types of comedians out there.

You could be a coach but there are a thousand other coaches out there.

It’s not just about stating facts but about being very specific.

If you are a coach, what type of coach are you?

What are you offering that is different from others?

And by being creative and intentional, you will attract people’s curiosity.

get more instagram followers


How can your audience benefit from you?

This is probably the most important part of your bio.

How will your audience gain from you?

What is it that you have to offer?

The only thing people care about is what’s in it for them.

They do not care how your Instagram looks, how pretty it may be but what they can gain.

What is important to your followers is what you are going to do for them.

So you want to share in a clear and concise way what it is you have to offer.

One of the phrases you can use is:

“I help people reach their business goals by *insert what you offer*” or

“I offer courses on how to market yourself”

This enables you to be precise so when people come to your page, they know who you are and what you are offering.


 A Call-To-Action.


People are not going to do anything unless you tell them what to do.

For example, if you want them to buy your products, then you have to invite them into buying.

If you want them to follow you, then to have to tell them to follow you for more tips.

What do you want them to do while they are on your page?

Be it downloading a PDF, joining your plan, or visiting your website, you have to let them know.

In all, all these tactics have to be used in order for your bio to be complete and effective.


2. Quality Content:

Instagram for business

After people have an idea of who you are, what you do, how your page will benefit them, and a CTA, the next step is content.

Content is KING of strategies on how to get more Instagram followers.

It may be the second if not the first element people will watch out for when they come to your page.

If you don’t produce content, why will people want to follow you?

Basically, you should be putting out content consistently especially if you are just starting.

Make yourself seen. Show people how consistent you are.

By all means, posting once a day should be the minimum.

Twice or more if you have the possibility.

That way, you create traffic and you give the opportunity for more people to follow you.

Moreover, there is no point in posting content that isn’t of quality.

Content is important, but quality content is what will separate you from the others.

In addition, the main reason why content is important is that it creates your personal brand.

People will identify your content with who you are.

Your personal brand will speak for itself more than words would.

That is why it is important to produce content that reflects who you are and what you stand for.

There are two types of content you want to be creating for your personal brand:

Broad content and expertise content.


Broad Content:

This is content that lets people into your daily life like:

Your thoughts, motivation, lifestyle, your daily activities, behind the scenes, etc.

It could be regular content of things outside of what you do professionally.

You can share more of your personality, hobbies, and your family if you like.

This is just to avoid it being too serious and closed-minded.


Expertise Content:

This is content that is specific about your business, products, services, etc.

You need a balance of both because too much of one without the other makes your page boring.

having both makes people associate you with your products while getting to know you on a more personal level.

Other amazing tools I recommend while creating content for Instagram are IGTV and Instagram Live.

One fascinating aspect of Instagram is that after you have done an Instagram Live, you can change it into an IGTV.

This way, people can come back and watch what you said without it disappearing.

And applying all these tips in content creation will grow more Instagram followers.

You will also be using Instagram to grow your business and make a profit with what you are doing.

Ultimately, what you want to achieve is a personal brand that represents you fully.

That way, even if you wish to branch into doing something else, your solid personal brand is already there to help you.

For instance, let’s look at Gary Vee.

We all know he is an entrepreneur, motivation speaker but he recently created a shoe that sold out instantly.

Why? Because he built a personal brand around him where people know he can be trusted and they know the value he adds.

That is the type of influence you want to have.


3. Hashtags.

Instagram marketing

Now that you have done all the work into creating your bio and content, you need to start finding your audience.

Or better yet, how can they find you?

Hashtags are the KEY on how to get more Instagram followers.

There are about 30 hashtags you can use for a post and you want to maximize your chances by using all 30.

Also, while writing your hashtags, you want to include ‘very popular’ and ‘Not so popular’ in there.

For example, you want to use the hashtag Travel.

By default, #travel will have the highest amount of views (maybe 3 billion).

You might think using this hashtag will give you more chances of being seen.

But truth is, you might just find yourself being lost in that sea of many people using the same hashtag.

So, of course, you want to shoot your shot by using the hashtag #Travel.

But you also want to use those hashtags that are not so popular so your chances of being seen are better.

For instance, #mytravel or #travellifestyle.

And you may be tempted to ask me “Gabe, how do I find the best hashtags?”

Well, it’s simple. Go to the site and in the search box, type in a hashtag you want to use.

If you take #travel, it will give you the best hashtags to use so your video will gain in popularity.

Once you get all the best hashtags, you want to switch them from time to time.

Do not use the same hashtags over and over again.

That way, you allow different people to find you, hence growing your Instagram followers.

Also, by switching hashtags, you are able to know which ones bring in more views than others.

And last but not the least, let’s get into the last point on how to get more Instagram followers.


4. Awareness Strategy (the secret sauce to getting more Instagram followers)

grow your instagram audience

This is the secret that is really going to help you build organically on Instagram.

A lot of people don’t know about this.

They think if they post a lot, have a great bio, and use the best hashtags, they are guaranteed success.

But the truth is, without an awareness strategy, your Instagram account isn’t complete.

You need a strategy so people won’t find you by chance, but by force.

That is why you want to position yourself in such a way that people will easily find you.

What is Awareness Strategy?

You can’t get something for nothing.

That is, if you want something, then you have to give something.

It’s a give-and-take situation.

So basically, if you want attention or followers, then you have to give attention first.

For example, let’s think of two store owners selling side by side.

The first owner just sits in his store and waits for people to come in and buy from him.

Since it is a busy street, he will definitely get a few customers even if they just pass by curiosity.

Now, store owner number 2, doesn’t just sit in his store and waits for people to come in.

He goes outside and starts sharing flyers and encouraging people to visit his store.

he is advertising his store and marketing at the same time.

If he shares the flyers to let’s say 1000 people and just 10% come to visit, that is way more than store owner number 1 who did nothing.

The same applies to you and your Instagram page.

You have to talk about your page/business for people to even notice you and come check you out.


How do you go about it?


Take 10-15 minutes every day to find competitors and people who create or offer similar products to you.

When you do find them, you want to tap into their audience.

Because if they follow them, with the right strategy, they will follow you too.

If your competitors are doing the same thing as you, then their audience might be interested in you too.

When you find that audience, you want to follow them, like, and comment on their posts.

That audience you just found is your targeted audience and you want people who are real and truly interested in what you do.

So, when you start liking and commenting on their posts, they will get a notification and definitely be interested in who is liking their page.

And if your content is good, you might just get yourself new followers.

But don’t be disappointed because not everyone will follow you.

Maybe 20-30% will do and that is still a good percentage.


How to get more Instagram followers

Growing your Instagram following could sound like a chore, but with the right tips, you will find it very fruitful.

Write a great bio by putting in who you are, what you do, how you can help people, and a call to action.

Then you want to create quality content that sets you apart.

Consecutively, while putting out that’s content you want to use the right hashtags to attract new people.

And finally, you need to be strategic about putting yourself out there.

Find your competitors, target their audience, follow, like and comments on their posts.

And let your magic be felt once they visit your page.

You don’t want to be like the first owner who doesn’t do anything and simply sits in his store.

You want to do what needs to be done to attract the right people to your page.

Moreover, remember that building an audience doesn’t happen overnight.

it will take time and the more you build, the more it gets easier.

Once you reach that 2-3000 followers, it gets easier getting more people to your page.

Because others will start talking about you, Instagram will start noticing you.

So, stay consistent, apply these hacks and watch your page grow exponentially.



4 Helpful Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

Helpful tips for entreprenuras to market their services

Whether you have an online business selling your own products or a side hustle you want to make more profitable, this article is going to help you level up your marketing game.

To begin, it’s essential that you have a strong marketing strategy. Without marketing, nobody will know who you are and you’ll struggle to get your products, services or brand in front of an audience.

Marketing is key to driving revenue so I’m going to help you out and give you four tips to apply to your strategy. It’s easy to overlook advertising and marketing when you are building a business online.

You could build the best product or offer 5-star service, but it won’t matter if you don’t nail your online marketing for your business. Successful entrepreneurs spend 80% of their time on marketing efforts and 20% on creating their products. 

For many of those starting out, those numbers are reversed with only 20% of your time focused on promotion and the other 80% on no-stop creation. I know I used to be there myself.

Let’s break down the best marketing tips for entrepreneurs who are starting out and may not have the marketing know-how at the moment. I don’t want to see all the hard work you put into your product be for nothing.

So let’s get into it, here are some great marketing tips for social media:

Clear On Change

The first tip is that your marketing has to involve change. You want to clearly demonstrate to your audience what change your product or service is bringing to the table.

Everyone is looking for change even if they don’t know it. It could be that someone wants to be more wealthy, be healthier, look better, or travel more. So your marketing should tap into this need and clearly explain how you can help.

When you are developing your marketing strategy ask yourself this question:

What is it that you are helping people change?

This will help you develop your strategy and give customers a clear idea of what it is your product can do for them. Marketing for entrepreneurs centers around this principle of change no matter how you choose to approach your customers.

It doesn’t matter if it is on Facebook, Instagram, through ads, podcasts, or videos. Your marketing needs to be crystal clear on what difference it’s going to make in your customer’s life.

Lead with how your product can help people to get them interested, otherwise, your marketing may not be as effective.

New and Relevant

Prioritize bringing new information to your audience through your marketing. Use current trends to your advantage and keep your marketing content relevant. Trending topics can be identified through Google Trends, Twitter, and news outlets.

Marketing for online businesses is a fluid thing and trends can be an effective way to connect with people. Keep up to date with what’s happening in your industry and display that.

People will identify you as an authority figure in your niche.

If you’re in the tech niche you can leverage new and emerging technologies in your marketing. For those who are in the travel niche, give your audience new advice and travel hacks that can save them money.

Sign up for Google Trends and you can set up alerts that will be emailed to you about your niche, or any other topic you are interested in.

This is a real-time saver that will allow you to focus more on promoting your business in an effective way.

Be Different

You need your marketing to clearly explain why someone should be buying from you instead of someone else. What makes your product different? What makes it better?

People everyday are looking for reasons to and not to buy from you. So it is your job to convince them that your product is the better choice. Your marketing is likely to be the first time a potential customer discovers you and your brand.

Effective marketing should convince customers to invest in you.

People tend to buy from brands they know and like. You need to make it clear in your marketing what is different about you and the product you’re offering. Here’s a little exercise for you to do: 

1.Take a few minutes and make a list of 5-10 competitors who are similar to you and are in your space.

2. Write down three traits that make you different from your competition.

Use these traits to your advantage and make them abundantly clear in your online marketing for your business.


The last of my marketing tips for social media is to make sure your marketing is functional. Try your best not to pad your marketing with false promises, clickbait titles, and fluff – consumers are savvy and can see right through that stuff.

Your marketing needs to be tangible, give people something that they can work with. Provide your consumers with value that they can take away and use to accomplish something right now.

The sooner the better! One of the best kinds of content are those that teach people how to do something they wish they knew how to do.

By becoming the resource that provides that answer, this can help you create loyalty with your customers and keep your brand in the forefront of their minds.

So here’s another question I want you to ask yourself when you are creating your marketing strategy:

What is my viewer gaining from watching my marketing?

The answer to this question will help you create a powerful and effective piece of marketing. You’ll earn a position of authority with your audience and develop brand loyalty.

If you just create fluff content or send spammy emails all day that don’t deliver true value, then you will quickly earn a poor reputation and your bank account will follow right after it.

Marketing for online businesses should always contain real value for your potential prospects to help guide them towards becoming more interested in the products and services you offer.


Use these 4 tips for marketing for entrepreneurs and level up your strategy today. At the end of the day, marketing is a game of trial and error.

Keep reviewing your marketing and evaluate what is working and what is not. Repeat things that generate a good response and turn off others that aren’t performing. Every platform that you market on should have tools for you to use and gauge how well you are doing from an engagement and attention perspective.

If there is a particular campaign or ad that is performing well you can use that as inspiration for future ads.

Don’t waste time on ads and other pieces of content that aren’t converting the way you want them to.

Online marketing for your business should also stay up to date with relevant trends. Keep your marketing focused on what you can do for your customers and how you are different.

Marketing yourself online should provide your audience with functional, tangible information that should help them get closer to their goals.

Ultimately, building a strong marketing strategy to increase engagement, sales, and brand loyalty is the key to winning this online business game. 

Content Strategy For Entrepreneurs – 5 Best Types of Branded Content

In the next few minutes, we’re going to be taking a look at what I believe are the 5 best types of content that you need to add to your marketing strategy. Branded content is key to growing your business and influence online.

Create the life you want by scaling your business using branded content and making a lasting impression on your customers.

The aim of this article is to arm you with some powerful social media marketing ideas to help you create a powerful content strategy that will get you real results.

Learn how to effectively use branded content to connect with your audience, grow your sales and be financially free. There are 5 pieces of content you need to focus on when you’re starting or building a business online.

Whether you are trying to build a tribe, rally people around a cause, or become an influencer the first thing you need is good and effective content.

First, let’s look at why content is important and then how to create a content strategy that sells.

Why A Content Strategy Is So Important

Entrepreneurs these days need to have a social and online footprint, especially those who intend to run their business solely online.

Content marketing is the bridge that connects what you’re offering with the people that are looking for it. It helps to create a clear picture of what it is your product or service has to offer.

Content marketing helps people to understand who your brand is, what the brand stands for, and the problem that your product or service solves. In many cases, there are already other companies and individuals who are offering the same service as you.

Your content marketing strategy can be a key decision maker for many buyers – so you need to be the best.

You can win and lose sales depending on how effective your content is. A buyer may have the choice between you and several other similar solutions. You need to stand out, make a positive impression, and have a competitive offer.

If your service is consulting then your personality will be a massive factor in the buyer’s mind. Excellent content should be packed with personality to get and keep people’s interest.

Savvy content marketers will be able to create multiple pieces of content from one idea. One blog post can be a video, a podcast, multiple Instagram post ideas, as well as multiple other social media post ideas.

By using effective branded content you can provide your potential customers content in a way they enjoy.

Types Of Content


This is my personal favorite kind of content to create. The reason for that is because you can create that know, like and trust factor really quickly.

Video allows you to connect with your audience on a very personal level because your face is front and center. It allows you to create a deep connection with your audience in an organic way.. 

The scope of what you can achieve with video is almost limitless. You can create branded content that informs, entertains, and inspires.

I completely understand if the idea of getting in front of a camera sounds horrible – I felt the same when I first got started.

But it’s well worth getting over that fear as it can really benefit your business and personal brand.


Blogs are great because with just a little bit of SEO know-how you can take advantage of Google (and other search engines) organic traffic.

By targeting specific keywords that your audience is searching for you have the chance to show up on the front page of the search engine.

Blogging is a great way to educate your audience and become an authority figure within your niche.

Another benefit of having a blog is that you can create a home for all your content. Your videos and podcasts can be embedded into your articles.

You can really provide your audience with a choice for how they want to digest your content. A blog is the nexus of your content strategy, where the whole thing starts to come together.

Live Video

Live video is a lot different than uploading a video to youtube. With a regular video you can edit it, redo takes if they’re not right, apply filters, and much more.

Going live on Facebook, Instagram, or youtube it’s a lot more authentic, you can’t just show the best bits – it’s raw, unedited… it’s live. 

Going live on Instagram or Facebook is a great way to connect with your audience. You can host a Q and A and really get to know what problems you can solve for your potential customers.

Audiences can engage with you in a way that just isn’t possible with regular video content. This is another way to develop that know, like, trust factor with people.

You can also use lives to generate social media post ideas by listening to your audience’s wants and needs.


Infographics are so useful and they’re multipurpose too. You can use them on Instagram, as part of a blog post, and even in one of your videos.

Infographics share information in a visually appealing way and they do very well on Instagram and Pinterest.

Your infographic could be tips and tricks, motivational quotes, or how-tos and they’re easy to share which can help to generate organic growth back to your brand.

Infographics are so simple to make. You can use a free tool like Canva to create stunning infographics in just a few minutes.

There are plenty of templates that you can use so there is no design degree necessary to make stunning and shareable images. Canva doubles up as a great place to generate thousands of Instagram post ideas.


Podcasts are versatile and they’re perfect for online entrepreneurs and businesses. Podcast listening is on the rise across the world and people can listen to them virtually anywhere.

They make it super easy to consume information because they command less of a person’s attention. People can listen to podcasts while they are doing something else like cooking, cleaning, or driving to work.

Luckily podcasting is pretty easy to do, especially if you are already creating videos.

You can rip the audio from your video and upload it as a podcast, at a minimum you’re giving someone the choice. You can also get more creative and create a show that complements the rest of your brand and branded content.

Why You Should Diversify Your Content Strategy

There’s one compelling reason for diversifying your content strategy and that’s because everyone learns differently. Some people prefer to listen so a podcast is ideal for them.

Others will prefer to watch and they learn and retain information better when they are watching a video. You have some people who like long-form content so would prefer to read a blog post.

While others like short-form content which is where killer Instagram post ideas come in handy.


The best advice I can leave you with now is to just get started. Don’t wait until the perfect time, just pick one thing on this list and start. Get the ball rolling and learn on the way, that’s what I did when I started out with video.

From there I branched out into infographics and then went live with Q and A’s.

Pick one option that resonates with you the best, something that complements your personality and your brand.

It needs to be something that you enjoy doing because it takes to build your audience even with the best content strategy in the world.

There is no shortcut with that, so you just have to start and keep it up.

Struggling with coming up with content marketing ideas?

Check out this free resource called “100 Content Marketing Ideas” so you will never run out of fresh ideas you can use to grow your business and brand.

You can download it right away by clicking on the yellow button below 👇🏾

SamCart Alternatives

6 Excellent SamCart Alternatives | SamCart Review

Do you think SamCart’s monthly fees are too expensive? Are you looking for affordable SamCart alternatives or another checkout software with specific features?

Then this article is for you and I recommend that you read to the end. 

In this post I will share 6 SamCart alternatives that are great options to choose from if SamCart is not the right fit for you at the moment.

SamCart is a web-based e-commerce checkout platform that offers almost everything you need to sell any service, physical or digital products online. All the features that SamCart comes with have been designed to help you maximize your profits generated from each and every sale you make. 

Although SamCart, in my opinion, is a great option for a checkout platform you can use to sell your products online, it still has its downsides like:

  • High monthly pricing
  • No built-in sales tax calculation
  •  No sub-tracking IDs for affiliates
  • Lower plans lack many of the advanced features

If you would like a comprehensive breakdown of all of SamCart features, as well as pros and cons, then you can check out this Ultimate SamCart Review.

And without further ado, here are 6 SamCart alternatives that you can use to help you sell your products and services online.


samcart alternative

ThriveCart is a shopping cart tool that offers many features similar to SamCart, which makes it an ideal SamCart alternative.

It’s features include: one-click upsells, A/B testing, an affiliate center, bump offers, various checkout templates, and more! Just like SamCart, ThriveCart has also been designed to help online businesses increase their sales by optimizing their conversion rates.

One of the biggest differences between SamCart and ThriveCart is the pricing. ThriveCart is quite affordable compared to SamCart. ThriveCart offers lifetime access to the software for a single payment of just $495 (That comes out to about $41 a month for 1 year)

In addition, you have access to all future updates ThriveCart releases without paying a single penny ever again. On the other hand, SamCart charges $199 per month for full access to all of its more advanced features that you can get with ThriveCart with a one-time payment.

Here are some of the pros and cons of ThriveCart


  • Easily integrate with any of your favorite marketing platforms
  • Add discounts, coupons, free trials, etc. to your checkout page
  • Affiliate management is available
  • The price is reasonable
  • Pages are responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Setting up A/B testing is easy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Emergency support is not provided
  • No trial period

If you would like to learn more about ThriveCart and all the features it has to offer you can click here to learn more


samcart alternative

If you are looking for software that can help you build sales funnels, Clickfunnels is an outstanding option and is also another great SamCart alternative.

I’ve used Clickfunnels for several years now and it's probably one of my favorite softwares to work with for creating marketing and sales funnels. As a drag & drop builder, Clickfunnels makes it easy for you to create sales pages, sales funnels, landing pages, and websites. You can even create membership sites.

Clickfunnels also offers other features like A/B split testing, upsell/downsell pages, a backpack affiliate program, smart shopping carts, pop-ups and email integration capabilities. 

Although Clickfunnels could qualify as a great alternative to SamCart, one of the biggest concerns is the pricing. The Standard package for Clickfunnels costs $97 per month while the Platinum package is $297 per month. 

Here are some pros and cons of Clickfunnels. 


  • All-in-one system
  • Large number of high converting and professionally designed templates
  • Drag & drop page builder
  • Templates are fully customizable
  • An affiliate management feature is provided
  • Available lead generation and email list building tools
  • Cloud-based software


  • It is on the expensive side.
  • Closed source
  • No blogging capabilities 

If you would like to learn more about Clickfunnels and all of the features it has to offer you can click here to learn more.



samcart alternative

PayKickstart is another checkout software that empowers online business owners to sell smarter, easier, and faster online; making it another great candidate as an alternative to SamCart.

This shopping cart tool lets customers create checkout pages, order bumps, one-click upsells, coupon codes, apply subscription saver sequences, and a lot more. The software also offers many professionally designed templates that can easily be customized. 

However, despite the many features PayKickstart offers , it lacks A/B split testing which may be useful for optimizing checkout pages. 

In regards to cost, PayKickStart is one of the cheaper options starting out. The plans start at $29 per month and has a monthly recurring fee. Just like SamCart, PayKickStart also offers a 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Here are some pros and cons of PayKickstart. 


  • Discounts & coupons can be added
  • Almost all major payment gateways are supported
  • An active Facebook group and live chat is available for support
  • Delivers great support & knowledge base
  • A built-in affiliate center
  • Bump offers are provided


  • The interface of the tool is not as user-friendly
  • A/B split testing feature is not provided
  • Doesn't offer lifetime pricing.

If you would like to learn more about PayKickstart and the features it has to offer you can click here to learn more.


samcart alternative

Selling products and services online becomes easier to do when you have highly converting landing pages and sales funnels working on your side. Kartra is a tool that offers such landing pages and sales funnels. Building and automating an email list is also possible with the use of this marketing software.

Note: I always recommend that no matter what you are selling or promoting online, you should also be building an email list. A quality email list that is nurtured well over time can be an extraordinary investment and can result in long term financial success. 

Kartra comes with many key features like checkout pages, sales funnels, a drag & drop page builder, membership portals, email autoresponder, and lead capture pages. Kartra also provides calendar scheduling and integrations with advanced API options. 

Another important feature that Katra offers similar to SamCart is an affiliate management system which can help you sell your products and services through affiliates. In addition, Kartra provides live chat support and a help desk for its users which is extremely beneficial.

Katra has 4 different plans: Starter, Silver, Gold and Platinum

  • Starter plan is $99 per month
  • Silver plan is $199 per month
  • Gold plan is $299 per month
  • Platinum plan is $499 per month

Here are some pros and cons of Kartra.


  • Provide Done-For-You campaigns
  • Drag & drop page builder 
  • Host live Q&A weekly
  • Over 500 sections and page templates to choose from
  • Fonts, color, and images can be easily customized


  • Customer support service is not fast.
  • Email marketing platform is not the best

If you would like to learn more about Kartra and the features it has to offer you can click here to learn more.




SendOwl is a well-known shopping cart software and is considered to be a good alternative to SamCart. It allows you to add coupons, discounts, bump offers, and 1-click upsells as well. You can integrate SendOwl with many available email marketing services out there.

SendOwl offers a limited number of checkout page templates and does not have the ability for A/B split testing. In regards to payment processors, SendOwl accepts 3 main options: PayPal, Bitpay, and Stripe.

SendOwl also provides an affiliate center but this feature has some limitations. 

As far as pricing is concerned, overall SendOwl is cheaper than SamCart and also offers a free trial to test out the software. 

SendOwl offers 4 plans:

  • Basics: $9 per month
  • Standard: $15 per month
  • Premium: $24 per month
  • Business: $39 per month

Here are some pros and cons of SendOwl.


  • Can add coupons & discounts 
  • 1-click upsells are provided
  • An affiliate center is available
  • Bump offers are supported
  • Free Trial 


  • A/B testing feature is not available
  • Checkout page designs are limited
  • There is no live chat support or Facebook community

If you would like to learn more about SendOwl and the features it has to offer you can click here to learn more.




GumRoad is a simple shopping cart software that is considered to be beginner-friendly. Out of all the other options in this article, GumRoad is the only free SamCart alternative on this list (There is a paid version as well). 

Although GumRoad's free plan does not require a monthly payment, you are charged per transaction made. GumRoad also does not offer several features that I believe are important when considering a shopping cart software for your online business. Some of these non-included features are no A/B split testing, the option to offer free trials, 1-click upsells, and order bumps. GumRoad also does not offer direct & native integrations with many other marketing tools.

Based on the pricing structure of GumRoad, knowing how much you will charge for your products will help you determine what you would be paying for the software. 

In case you ever decide to start with its free version, you will be charged 8.5% + 30 cents on each transaction. If you upgrade your plan, you will have to pay $10 per month and a fee of 3-8% on each and every sale you make. 

Here are some pros and cons of GumRoad.


  • A free plan is available
  • Supports subscriptions
  • Affiliate program management available
  • Create discounts & coupons.
  • Payment plans are supported
  • The paid plan is also affordable (charged per sale)
  • Video hosting and membership sites are supported


  • No 1-click upsell or order bumps
  • No Facebook group or live chat support provided
  • A/B split testing is not available.

If you would like to learn more about GumRoad and  the features it has to offer you can click here to learn more.


What about SamCart?

samcart alternative

Although this is an article about SamCart alternatives, SamCart is a great option for a checkout software and is worth taking a look at. Samcart offers many features including conversion-optimized checkout templates, order bumps, 1-click upsells, subscriptions, and much more. These features have been designed to help you optimize your profit generated from each sale you make online for your product or service.

Moreover, SamCart helps you build highly converting single page websites, which displays all of the information that your potential customers need to know about your products and gives them the opportunity to purchase them without leaving the page. 

Note: 1-page websites have been shown to increase conversion rates compared to multi-page funnels.

SamCart Pricing

SamCart offers 3 main plans: Launch, Grow, and Scale (There is also an Enterprise plan which is reserved for bigger businesses)

  • Launch plan is $49 per month 
  • Grow plan costs $99 per month
  • Scale plan is $199 per month

Finally, SamCart also offers a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can get 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied with the tool for any reason.

Pros of SamCart

  • It can be used for creating high converting 1-page websites
  • Facebook group & live chat support 
  • Order bumps are provided
  • One-click upsells
  • A/B testing features
  • Add discounts & coupons
  • Built-in affiliate management system

Cons of SamCart

  • Can be on the expensive end
  • No tracking id for affiliate center

Final Thoughts – Which SamCart Alternatives are best for you?

Choosing the right checkout software for your business ultimately comes down to your needs at the current moment and what features will be beneficial for the type of products and services you offer.

However, if you were to ask me what my opinions were for what is the best SamCart alternative for you, they would be as followed:

If you are looking for a tool that is going to save you money in the long run, in my opinion you should go for ThriveCart.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a checkout software that offers most features and is reasonably priced, PayKickstart or SendOwl are great options. 

If you are just starting out and looking for a free tool as a beginner, the free version of GumRoad may be the best SamCart alternative for you.

What is attraction marketing

What Is Attraction Marketing?

You have probably heard the term “Attraction Marketing” thrown around a few times if you are in the network marketing industry.

But what exactly is attraction marketing? And how can it benefit you and your business?

Attraction marketing is nothing new. In fact, it is a style of marketing that has been used by countess corporations and small business owners like yourself.

The True Definition Of Attraction Marketing

What is attraction marketing

If you were to open up another tab in your Internet browser and search attraction marketing in Google you would get a definition like this:

Attraction Marketing – The use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them way before they purchase it.

That sounds all fun and dandy but what does that mean as a network marketer?

In a nutshell, attraction marketing is a way to attract prospects and customers to you by adding value to the market place, solving problems, and serving your target audience by creating content that addresses your target market’s challenges.

There are three major things attraction marketing does for you:

1. Builds relationships
2. Create loyal fans
3. Create trust

All three of these benefits are crucial pieces to the puzzle of being successful and are very important! Ill explain why shortly.

Different Methods Of Attraction Marketing

What is attraction marketing

There are several different ways you can implement attraction marketing into your business.

To make things easier, realize that it is not much different from different digital marketing tactics.

Video marketing is one of the best, and personally my favorite way, to market. Using video to market yourself is one of the strongest and fastest ways to grow your business.

This is because with video you are able to get people to know, like, and trust you much faster than any other method.

Check out my Youtube Channel with my training videos to see what I mean.

However, if you are not a big video person (and many people are not so don’t worry…you are not alone) there are plenty of other methods to choose from.

Blogging is another great way to strategically place yourself in front of your audience. You can blog about your specific niche and how your products can be beneficial to others.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are also great venues for attraction marketing.

Each of these platforms is unique and can be used individually or together to brand yourself and position you for massive success in your business.

​Is Branding Yourself Necessary?

What is attraction marketing

But wait…

You might be thinking: “Why can’t I just use the website and links my company gave me to promote my business?”

Here is my quick answer:


What makes you unique and sets you apart from the other thousands of partners in the same company who are promoting the same exact opportunity and products?

Why would a prospect decide to join you versus anyone else on your team?

On the other hand, when you put yourself in front of the company you are with and brand yourself, you are setting yourself apart from the rest of the herd by becoming an authority figure.

And with attraction marketing if you are able to grow an audience of loyal fans that know, like and trust you, they WILL buy from you. (Hence why all pieces to this puzzle are important)

It Works…But Why?

Here’s the deal. Nobody likes to feel like they are being sold something. Period. It rubs practically every human being on the planet the wrong way.

On the other hand, we all like to buy things. The catch is, we only like to buy things when we WANT to buy them and believe they will benefit us in some fashion.

This is why sending prospects to your website and spamming the internet with company signup links in hopes of a desperate soul clicking on it and joining your business because they are looking for a second stream of income and keeping their options open doesn’t really work.

I’m not saying you will NEVER get results this way. There are many marketers who do get a few sales and signups like this. I’m including myself in this sample because I used to do it too!

But if you are serious about building a long term, sustainable business (which I am sure you are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) than attraction marketing is a must.

Instead of pitching your business opportunity to a prospect, provide VALUE to them. Offer some type of solution to help them solve a problem that they are struggling with.

When you do this by creating content and becoming an authority figure, people will literally be ATTRACTED to you. They wont be able to help it!

What’s even better is that these people who are attracted to you will ask you what you are doing, and some will even ask you to join your business.

To many, this is a much more ideal than having to chase person after person down to watch a 20-minute business presentation.

Climb The Mountain To Freedom

What is attraction marketing

Another beautiful thing about attraction marketing is that it allows your business to be scalable.

Yes, prospecting and recruiting in the cold market is necessary and has its place, but you don’t want to be chasing strangers forever do you?

After all, I am sure you didn’t leave your other full time job to trade it in for another full time prospecting job.

That’s far from the time freedom we all dream about when we first joined this industry.

With attraction marketing it becomes a complete game changer.
When done right, you will begin to receive a constant flow of interested targeted prospects ready to buy whatever you are selling.

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

What is attraction marketing

When I first heard about this concept, I began learning the principles of attraction marketing to help me build my business.

I was tired of chasing people down, doing three way calls, home meetings, and trying to convince friends and family members to join what I believed to be a golden opportunity.

Attraction marketing can be extremely helpful, especially if you are just starting off as an entrepreneur

By learning the skills taught in attraction marketing I quickly switched from being the hunter of prospects to becoming the hunted.

And it is an awesome feeling!

Applying the techniques learned in attraction marketing will not only explode your business, but it will set you apart for success, and allow you to thrive in any business whether your current company stays relevant or not.

Long story short: With attraction marketing if they know, like, and trust you…they will buy from you.

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Facebook affiliate marketing

Best Ways To Do Facebook Affiliate Marketing

If you have stumbled onto this blog post you are wondering how you can use Facebook Affiliate marketing the best way possible to sell products and grow your business online. Affiliate marketing is a great vehicle for building an online business for several reasons:

  • It has a low start-up cost…if any
  • You do not have to worry about inventory, shipping, etc.
  • You can promote an unlimited amount of  products
  • You make commissions on every sale

With a business model like affiliate marketing, there is a high potential for achieving financial success and creating your ideal lifestyle. Plus, you can do it from virtually anywhere as long as you have working internet.

Many affiliate marketers take advantage of email, social media, and other online methods to promote their products and bring eyeballs to their specific offer. One of the most effective and easiest platforms to use for this is Facebook.

There are many different ways to be an effective Facebook affiliate marketer depending on your current situation. If you are strapped for cash, there are free marketing strategies you can use.

A word of caution: Nothing is ever really “free”. If you decide to use free methods for Facebook affiliate marketing you will be paying with a huge time commitment that you will have to dedicate in order to get good results.

On the other hand, if you have a marketing budget you can work with (you can start with just $5 a day) you can easily advertise using Facebook and find your best customers and target audience.

Although marketing on Facebook is just one of the best digital marketing strategies for affiliate marketing, paid advertising is the one strategy I will be focusing on in this article. If done right, it can be the best bang for your buck and provide a great return on your investments.


Facebook affiliate

When I first started building my affiliate marketing business, I was in a very similar boat as many new entrepreneurs who are just getting started. I was dead broke.

As a result, I focused most of my efforts promoting different products online using email marketing and posting in random Facebook groups to try and get potential customers to sign up. I also got into the habit of consistently reaching out to new Facebook friends who were in similar circles so that I could show them the benefits of the product I was offering and see if they would be interested.

Although I saw some results using these free methods it took a very long time. After about a year of doing this, I began to build a decent social following but only made a few sales in the process.  One day, my business mentor explained to me one of the reasons why I might have been getting such low results and lack of sales. I had all of my eggs in one basket.

He asked me a simple question: How many legs are required for a table to be able to stand up straight?

After a couple seconds of hardcore thinking, I finally responded with three.  Four legs would be ideal and would help make the table sturdier, but in reality, only three legs are absolutely necessary for a table to stand.

Similarly, when you are building a business using Facebook affiliate marketing or any other online strategies, the same principle applies.  Eventually, you want to have at least three sources of traffic coming into your business at all times. The reason for this being if anything were to happen to one of your  “legs of traffic” your business could still survive until the problem was solved or another new traffic source was created.

Reaching out and connecting with people on a daily basis is one way to sell a product but what would happen if suddenly you got sick? If you are not able to talk to people that day your source of traffic would dry up immediately, resulting in your business coming to a screeching halt.

That is why knowing how to do Facebook affiliate marketing effectively using Facebook advertising is a terrific idea. Not only do you have the capability of generating leads throughout the day on autopilot, but doing paid Facebook affiliate marketing lets your money do some of the work for you, freeing up your precious time to be able to take care of other important matters.

The assumption that you have to start off with a big budget is a false one. When I first got started, I placed a single ad for just $5 a day. I encourage you to start small and get some experiments going. It is only by doing that you will begin to figure out what kind of ads are working best for you and decide from there if you want to add more spending money to your Facebook affiliate ads budget.


Hopefully, by now I have convinced you that using Facebook ads as one of your traffic sources to generate leads is not just a good idea, but should be highly considered if you do not already have multiple streams of traffic flowing into your business.

When it comes to Facebook affiliate marketing and choosing which type of Facebook ad to use there are several different options to choose from. But in my opinion, there is one type of Facebook ad that stands above the rest, and that is Facebook story ads.

Facebook story ads are exactly what they sound like. They are ads that take your reader and potential customer/client through a detailed story that they are able to relate to, and by the end feel compelled to click your link and buy your stuff.

The reason why Facebook stories are so powerful is because everybody likes a good story. From the time we were kids and had our parents read to us before going to bed. Human beings have a natural tendency to enjoy a story that has different elements in it such as action, drama, and maybe even a little bit of romance.

Best of all, Facebook story ads are super effective because they speak directly to your specific target audience. When done right, this makes them eager to dive deeper into your story ad, discover how the story came to a positive end, and look for how they can get their hands on the product or service that was responsible for the solution.

To write a good Facebook affiliate story ad, I am going to break down some key tips that you should consider.


Facebook affiliate

A Facebook story ad is made up of 4 main components

  • Image
  • Headline
  • Body
  • CTA (Call to action)


Before we even get to what to say in your story ad, a good image is critical for your success as a Facebook affiliate marketer (along with your headline, but we will get to that next).

Ask yourself this question:

When your friends and family members are on Facebook, what are they looking for?

They could be online for dozens of different reasons, but one thing is for certain, they are NOT there to buy anything. Out of the billions of people that log into Facebook every day most of them are on the platform because they are looking to be entertained, educated, or to see what is relevant with other people they are following.

That is why throwing up a regular old ad on Facebook can be a bad idea if you don’t know what you are doing. People can smell that you are trying to sell them from a mile away, and will click away to another page before you know it.

The first impression of your ad is crucial to its success. When creating a Facebook affiliate ad you want to select a picture that is vibrant and cool. Pictures of your product alone may not be enough. However, if you can incorporate yourself into the picture or include a picture of a happy client using your product this dramatically improves how successful your ad becomes.

The best way to know which image to use for your ad is to test out several different pictures and see which ones give you the best results.


Just like your image, the headline that you decide to use for your story ad plays a big role as well. When it comes to Facebook affiliate marketing, people can make split decisions on whether or not they want to read your ad based solely on what you use for your headline.

Some of the best headlines I’ve worked with do a great job of grabbing the reader’s attention and compelling them to want to keep reading to learn more.

With your headline, your main goal is to build curiosity. You also want to show the reader that the ad is related to them in some way. Some examples of headlines include:

  • “26 years of working down the drain; You’re Fired!”
  • “Discover How I Get To Travel The World Only Working Part Time”
  • “I Lost 15 Pounds This Month And I Can’t Believe How Easy It Was”

You will notice that each one of these examples are speaking to a specific group of people. If they were to stumble upon a Facebook affiliate ad with one of these headlines they would want to keep reading to find out more.


Once a person decided to keep reading after seeing the headline and image of your Facebook affiliate ad,  the battle is almost won.

The next important section of your story ad is the body. The body is where you will craft your story. When you are coming up with your story you want to follow a very simple blueprint that will guide your reader toward your desired goal.

  1. Discuss The Problem

The first few sentences of the Facebook story ad needs to emphasize the pain points and problems that either you are an ideal client has faced. By starting with a problem, you allow the reader to open up emotionally and begin to relate to the story.

         2 .Failed attempts:

Next, you want to talk about what you tried in the past or other solutions that you used in an attempt to solve the problem that didn’t work. What other solutions did you try to find? Why didn’t they work for you? This part is important because it begins to introduce the solution (your product or service) without even mentioning it yet. It gets the reader primed to hear what actually did work to fix the problem that they most likely are experiencing as well.

        3. Your solution:

In this section of the Facebook affiliate ad, you will begin to talk about the product or service that you are selling and how it has helped you or someone else solve the problem that was discussed in part one of your story ad. Do not only talk about how the product can benefit them but include how the product will help them change their life for the better.


The last component of your Facebook affiliate ad is the call to the action. This is the part of the ad where you explain to the reader what action you would like them to take. Sign up for an email newsletter? Buy a particular product? Your call to action sums up the purpose of why you created your Facebook ad in the first place.

In this section, it is important to be very specific and clear. What do you want? Tell your reader exactly what you want them to do. If you are not clear or decide not to include a call to action, then your reader will decide not to take any action at all.

I hope you enjoyed my article “Best Ways To Do Facebook Affiliate Marketing”. I have used this same strategy in my marketing to help me achieve great results with Facebook affiliate marketing.

By using these marketing strategies and techniques I have really been able to grow my online business and change my life.

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Best Digital Marketing Tactics

Best Digital Marketing Tactics For Business Owners

Ever since the dot com boom in the late 90s the internet has grown into a vast entity that practically dictates our daily lives today.

Just take a second and look around.

Whether you are sitting in a Starbucks enjoying a cold Frappuccino or on the subway heading to work for the day.

It won’t take long to realize that almost everybody who is directly surrounding you is currently on their phone or is about to take theirs out.

The digital world has completely consumed our attention and has transformed effective human face-to-face interaction into tweets and likes.

People go into the World Wide Web for three main reasons:  

  • To be entertained
  • To find information
  • To buy something
The fact of the matter is the Internet, whether you like it or not, is not going ANYWHERE.  This can be exciting news for people who recognize, embrace it and decide to not be left behind in the technological Stone Age.    Unfortunately, people who ignore the clear signs of change will be forced to deal with less than ideal circumstances.  The days of opening up shop in a local store and growing a financial stable and lucrative business are slowly fading away and are being swallowed by the Amazons and Facebooks of the new world.  Businesses that are thriving today have embraced this world of change and are much better positioned to be successful in an ever-changing market.  If you ever want to build a successful business online like some of the top income earners do, learning how to market your business effectively is a must.  Most importantly, you have to find and adopt the best digital marketing tactics that will be most suitable with your particular business and revenue goals.    The simple secret to growing a large business and easily run it without becoming overwhelmed is automation.  Now don’t get me wrong; it is still going to require some work from your end. But there is a big difference between working hard and getting results.  Abraham Lincoln once said, “If you gave me 6 hours to cut down a tree I would spend the first 4 sharpening my axe”.  The following  five strategies are the best digital marketing tactics that will serve as your newly sharpened axe.  So without further ado, lets go cut down a big ole money tree.

The fact of the matter is the Internet, whether you like it or not, is not going ANYWHERE.

This can be exciting news for people who recognize, embrace it and decide to not be left behind in the technological Stone Age.  

Unfortunately, people who ignore the clear signs of change will be forced to deal with less than ideal circumstances.

The days of opening up shop in a local store and growing a financial stable and lucrative business are slowly fading away and are being swallowed by the Amazons and Facebooks of the new world.

Businesses that are thriving today have embraced this world of change and are much better positioned to be successful in an ever-changing market.

If you ever want to build a successful business online like some of the top income earners do, learning how to market your business effectively is a must.

Most importantly, you have to find and adopt the best digital marketing tactics that will be most suitable with your particular business and revenue goals.  

The simple secret to growing a large business and easily run it without becoming overwhelmed is automation.

Now don’t get me wrong; it is still going to require some work from your end. But there is a big difference between working hard and getting results.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “If you gave me 6 hours to cut down a tree I would spend the first 4 sharpening my axe”.

The following  five strategies are the best digital marketing tactics that will serve as your newly sharpened axe.

So without further ado, lets go cut down a big ole money tree.  

Get An Optimized Blog 

 When transitioning or building an online presence for your business there are only two things you truly own.

1) Your email list.

2) Your blog

Think of a blog as your personal real estate online.

It’s a virtual storefront where your customers can come hang out, see what you are all about, and buy your stuff.

Having a blog is one of the best digital marketing tactics for creating a profitable business online.

Not only does it allow you to become an authority, but it provides a platform that will help you collect revisiting customers on autopilot.

So how do you go about setting up a blog?   

Putting Together A Winning Blog 

 Writing blog posts can be a powerful asset because it can help you attract many different kinds of people to your product who are already looking for it.

The first thing you want to determine is your target audience. Who are you trying to sell to?

Once that is figured out you need to create content that is going to provide value to that demographic.

What are some of the problems your target audience faces that you can address?  

What resources and tools can you suggest to help make their lives easier?

You want your blog post to be optimized, meaning that it provides value for your target audience as well at keywords that Google will recognize and like.

Remember, you can write the greatest blog post in the world, but if Google can’t find it, it basically doesn’t exist.

Many people think that the best digital marketing tactic when it comes to blogs is to throw up a 200-word post, add a shopping cart to it and hope people will buy from them.

What they may not realize is that people can smell when all you want from them is a sale.

You need to provide massive amounts of value to them FIRST.

By giving your readers good content for them to digest you begin to apply attraction marketing into your business, which will bring customers to you naturally and on autopilot.

Quality, interactive blog posts that are 1500+ words will convert the best for you and have the highest chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

That doesn’t mean you can’t write shorter blog posts, however the longer the better.

But don’t just stop there.

Adding high quality images and videos to your blog increases the value that you provide to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to break out your camera, cut a video and get that baby ranked on YouTube.

When you embed a video into your blog post it increases the engagement by leaps and bounds and is a powerful way to interact with your audience. 

Finally you are going to want to include a CTA (Call To Action) at the end of your blog post.

What do you want your visitor to do next?

Read your blog post, then walk away with tons of great value and go to sleep?

That sounds like a lot of wasted time and effort on your part.

Your call to actions should guide your visitors to learn more about something you discussed, a product that you would like them to purchase, or to check out additional information that you believe will be beneficial for them.

At the very least, you should ask them to connect with you so that you can grow your audience.   

Facebook Ads: Best Digital Marketing Tactic With A Budget

Best Digital Marketing Tactics

 If blogging was a rack of tender ribs on your plate, then Facebook ads would be grandma’s secret bbq sauce.

Running Facebook ads is such a powerful digital marketing tactic because of the way Facebook makes it so easy.

Facebook ads allow you to find and pin point your perfect customer for your business.

For example, you could custom design an ad saying: “How To Make Money From The Comfort Of Your Own Home” and tell Facebook to only show your ad to males between the age of 18-35 living in the United States, Australia or the UK and have an interest in residual income, investing, and funny cat videos.

Do you see how powerful that could be?

If you are not using Facebook ads you are missing out on a gold mine of growth for your business.

Facebook ads are quick to set up, easy to manage, and provide you with great feedback to see what is working and what is not.   

Go viral with Youtube Videos 

Best Digital Marketing Tactics

 Video is another online marketing strategy that can make a huge difference in your business.

To not have it included under your list for best digital marketing tactics for your business is a grave mistake.

Video marketing is great because it allows you to connect with your audience in ways that are just not possible through regular text and pictures.

One of my favorite things about videos is the ability to go viral if you create engaging and entertaining content.

Also, using videos to promote your business is the definition of leverage.

For example, the video of me breaking down these online marketing strategies is clearly not a live video.

In fact, depending on when you are reading this blog post I could have recorded it months or even years ago.

But while you are sitting there watching me on your screen, I could be on a beach somewhere sipping a cold drink. But you are still receiving valuable information from work that I did ONE TIME.

My business is still running 24/7 without me having to physically do anything 24/7.

If that is not the definition of working smarter and not harder than I don’t know what is.

It’s not impossible to build a large corporation using the traditional methods; it’ll just take you a lot longer versus using the proven and best digital marketing tactics outlined here. 

Now I know that there are some people reading this right now and are having a mini heart attack because the thought of even shooting videos is enough to want to jump out of the closest window.

Well here is some good news.

That’s perfectly okay!

When I first started making videos I was TERRIFIED!

And my first few were terrible. I still refuse to look at them till this day. But I’m so glad I decided to get out my comfort zone and take that leap.

I realized that when you push yourself past that fear and do it anyways it gives you a sense of empowerment because everything in life that you want that is good will be out of your comfort zone.

If you want to build a business using the internet, video marketing is something that you should definitely have in your tool box There are other ways to build a business online without ever doing videos.

Although video marketing may not be the best digital marketing tactic for you, if you realize how important it is for your business I suggest taking baby steps towards getting more comfortable.   

Facebook Live Is The Future 

Best Digital Marketing Tactics

 After that long spiel about the power of video marketing you shouldn’t be surprised that two out of the five digital marketing strategies I’m discussing in this article relates to video.

Facebook live videos has been hot for a while now and for good reason.

Facebook is pushing live videos hard because they know that it’s a great way for people to engage with one another. What does that mean for your business?

It means that whenever you do a Facebook live video, Facebook will go out of its way to find people for you to watch it and spread your message far and wide throughout Facebook world.

It is an excellent way to get free organic traffic and one of the best digital marketing tactics Facebook provides its users.

The audience that you reach is not limited to your personal friends either. Imagine doing a presentation for your product and having people who didn’t know who you were 5 minutes earlier tuning in from all over the world.

That’s exposure on steroids. Facebook live is a lot easier compared to filming and cutting videos for YouTube because all it requires is for you to press the “record” button and talk.

However, you can also broadcast videos that you have previous recorded, add animations, images, transitions and so much more.

I’ve seen individuals build a large following and explode their business in a very short time and its definitely possible for you if you decide to take action and utilize the power of Facebook Live. 

Webinars Are King

Best Digital Marketing Tactics

How many people can you fit in an average store at one time?

Depending on the size of the place I would say around 30 to 40 max and that is not considering walking room.

Now how many people can you have on a webinar?


Picture what that would do for your business if you could double or triple the number of people you show your presentation to at one time.

And with the awesomeness of the Internet all of your guests would be able to view it from the comfort of their own home.

People who are making a significant income online can attest to the power of webinars and how they are one of the best digital marketing tactics to adopt.

You can promote webinars on social media, YouTube, your email list etc.

To top it all off, the webinars you record can be repurpose several times over.   

What Is The Best Digital Marketing Tactic For You? 

Best Digital Marketing Tactics

Investing your time and energy to learn the best digital marketing tactics to build a business online is time and energy that will never be wasted.

If you want to live a life of time and financial freedom and compete with the big dogs of your industry at the same time you need to invest in yourself and learn some online marketing strategies that can help your business grow profitably.

I don’t recommend trying to start all five online marketing strategies at the same time. Focus on one and master it before moving on to another one.

The best digital marketing tactics for your business will be the ones that resonate with you and your business model the most. I hope you enjoyed my article “Best Digital Marketing Tactics For Business Owners".

By using these marketing strategies and techniques I have really been able to grow my online business and change my life.

It made an impact on me and has helped me accomplish my financial goals. 

My hope is that these digital marketing tactic will do the same for you. 

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