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Best Ways To Do Facebook Affiliate Marketing

If you have stumbled onto this blog post you are wondering how you can use Facebook Affiliate marketing the best way possible to sell products and grow your business online. Affiliate marketing is a great vehicle for building an online business for several reasons:

  • It has a low start-up cost…if any
  • You do not have to worry about inventory, shipping, etc.
  • You can promote an unlimited amount of  products
  • You make commissions on every sale

With a business model like affiliate marketing, there is a high potential for achieving financial success and creating your ideal lifestyle. Plus, you can do it from virtually anywhere as long as you have working internet.

Many affiliate marketers take advantage of email, social media, and other online methods to promote their products and bring eyeballs to their specific offer. One of the most effective and easiest platforms to use for this is Facebook.

There are many different ways to be an effective Facebook affiliate marketer depending on your current situation. If you are strapped for cash, there are free marketing strategies you can use.

A word of caution: Nothing is ever really “free”. If you decide to use free methods for Facebook affiliate marketing you will be paying with a huge time commitment that you will have to dedicate in order to get good results.

On the other hand, if you have a marketing budget you can work with (you can start with just $5 a day) you can easily advertise using Facebook and find your best customers and target audience.

Although marketing on Facebook is just one of the best digital marketing strategies for affiliate marketing, paid advertising is the one strategy I will be focusing on in this article. If done right, it can be the best bang for your buck and provide a great return on your investments.


Facebook affiliate

When I first started building my affiliate marketing business, I was in a very similar boat as many new entrepreneurs who are just getting started. I was dead broke.

As a result, I focused most of my efforts promoting different products online using email marketing and posting in random Facebook groups to try and get potential customers to sign up. I also got into the habit of consistently reaching out to new Facebook friends who were in similar circles so that I could show them the benefits of the product I was offering and see if they would be interested.

Although I saw some results using these free methods it took a very long time. After about a year of doing this, I began to build a decent social following but only made a few sales in the process.  One day, my business mentor explained to me one of the reasons why I might have been getting such low results and lack of sales. I had all of my eggs in one basket.

He asked me a simple question: How many legs are required for a table to be able to stand up straight?

After a couple seconds of hardcore thinking, I finally responded with three.  Four legs would be ideal and would help make the table sturdier, but in reality, only three legs are absolutely necessary for a table to stand.

Similarly, when you are building a business using Facebook affiliate marketing or any other online strategies, the same principle applies.  Eventually, you want to have at least three sources of traffic coming into your business at all times. The reason for this being if anything were to happen to one of your  “legs of traffic” your business could still survive until the problem was solved or another new traffic source was created.

Reaching out and connecting with people on a daily basis is one way to sell a product but what would happen if suddenly you got sick? If you are not able to talk to people that day your source of traffic would dry up immediately, resulting in your business coming to a screeching halt.

That is why knowing how to do Facebook affiliate marketing effectively using Facebook advertising is a terrific idea. Not only do you have the capability of generating leads throughout the day on autopilot, but doing paid Facebook affiliate marketing lets your money do some of the work for you, freeing up your precious time to be able to take care of other important matters.

The assumption that you have to start off with a big budget is a false one. When I first got started, I placed a single ad for just $5 a day. I encourage you to start small and get some experiments going. It is only by doing that you will begin to figure out what kind of ads are working best for you and decide from there if you want to add more spending money to your Facebook affiliate ads budget.


Hopefully, by now I have convinced you that using Facebook ads as one of your traffic sources to generate leads is not just a good idea, but should be highly considered if you do not already have multiple streams of traffic flowing into your business.

When it comes to Facebook affiliate marketing and choosing which type of Facebook ad to use there are several different options to choose from. But in my opinion, there is one type of Facebook ad that stands above the rest, and that is Facebook story ads.

Facebook story ads are exactly what they sound like. They are ads that take your reader and potential customer/client through a detailed story that they are able to relate to, and by the end feel compelled to click your link and buy your stuff.

The reason why Facebook stories are so powerful is because everybody likes a good story. From the time we were kids and had our parents read to us before going to bed. Human beings have a natural tendency to enjoy a story that has different elements in it such as action, drama, and maybe even a little bit of romance.

Best of all, Facebook story ads are super effective because they speak directly to your specific target audience. When done right, this makes them eager to dive deeper into your story ad, discover how the story came to a positive end, and look for how they can get their hands on the product or service that was responsible for the solution.

To write a good Facebook affiliate story ad, I am going to break down some key tips that you should consider.


Facebook affiliate

A Facebook story ad is made up of 4 main components

  • Image
  • Headline
  • Body
  • CTA (Call to action)


Before we even get to what to say in your story ad, a good image is critical for your success as a Facebook affiliate marketer (along with your headline, but we will get to that next).

Ask yourself this question:

When your friends and family members are on Facebook, what are they looking for?

They could be online for dozens of different reasons, but one thing is for certain, they are NOT there to buy anything. Out of the billions of people that log into Facebook every day most of them are on the platform because they are looking to be entertained, educated, or to see what is relevant with other people they are following.

That is why throwing up a regular old ad on Facebook can be a bad idea if you don’t know what you are doing. People can smell that you are trying to sell them from a mile away, and will click away to another page before you know it.

The first impression of your ad is crucial to its success. When creating a Facebook affiliate ad you want to select a picture that is vibrant and cool. Pictures of your product alone may not be enough. However, if you can incorporate yourself into the picture or include a picture of a happy client using your product this dramatically improves how successful your ad becomes.

The best way to know which image to use for your ad is to test out several different pictures and see which ones give you the best results.


Just like your image, the headline that you decide to use for your story ad plays a big role as well. When it comes to Facebook affiliate marketing, people can make split decisions on whether or not they want to read your ad based solely on what you use for your headline.

Some of the best headlines I’ve worked with do a great job of grabbing the reader’s attention and compelling them to want to keep reading to learn more.

With your headline, your main goal is to build curiosity. You also want to show the reader that the ad is related to them in some way. Some examples of headlines include:

  • “26 years of working down the drain; You’re Fired!”
  • “Discover How I Get To Travel The World Only Working Part Time”
  • “I Lost 15 Pounds This Month And I Can’t Believe How Easy It Was”

You will notice that each one of these examples are speaking to a specific group of people. If they were to stumble upon a Facebook affiliate ad with one of these headlines they would want to keep reading to find out more.


Once a person decided to keep reading after seeing the headline and image of your Facebook affiliate ad,  the battle is almost won.

The next important section of your story ad is the body. The body is where you will craft your story. When you are coming up with your story you want to follow a very simple blueprint that will guide your reader toward your desired goal.

  1. Discuss The Problem

The first few sentences of the Facebook story ad needs to emphasize the pain points and problems that either you are an ideal client has faced. By starting with a problem, you allow the reader to open up emotionally and begin to relate to the story.

         2 .Failed attempts:

Next, you want to talk about what you tried in the past or other solutions that you used in an attempt to solve the problem that didn’t work. What other solutions did you try to find? Why didn’t they work for you? This part is important because it begins to introduce the solution (your product or service) without even mentioning it yet. It gets the reader primed to hear what actually did work to fix the problem that they most likely are experiencing as well.

        3. Your solution:

In this section of the Facebook affiliate ad, you will begin to talk about the product or service that you are selling and how it has helped you or someone else solve the problem that was discussed in part one of your story ad. Do not only talk about how the product can benefit them but include how the product will help them change their life for the better.


The last component of your Facebook affiliate ad is the call to the action. This is the part of the ad where you explain to the reader what action you would like them to take. Sign up for an email newsletter? Buy a particular product? Your call to action sums up the purpose of why you created your Facebook ad in the first place.

In this section, it is important to be very specific and clear. What do you want? Tell your reader exactly what you want them to do. If you are not clear or decide not to include a call to action, then your reader will decide not to take any action at all.

I hope you enjoyed my article “Best Ways To Do Facebook Affiliate Marketing”. I have used this same strategy in my marketing to help me achieve great results with Facebook affiliate marketing.

By using these marketing strategies and techniques I have really been able to grow my online business and change my life.

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