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“Gabe breaks down everything he teaches in such a simple and easy way to understand. I found our private session super helpful and I'm excited to take action on what we discussed. Looking forward to our next session.”


Eric Williams  / E-commerce Store Owner

What is a Blitz Session?

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A blitz session is a 1-on-1 coaching appointment with me where you can get all of your questions answered and gain some clarity for what action steps to take with your online business. 

In each session we dive deep to understand what your business and lifestyle goals are and come up with a step-by-step plan for how to achieve them.

Whether you are a newbie entrepreneur or have been in business for several years I make sure to provide the value you need to walk away from each session feeling motivated and clear on what to do. 

Who Is This For?

Each 1-on-1 blitz session is completely customized to meet your needs and experience level

You should book a 1-on-1 session if you:

*  Are a beginner that wants to start or grow an existing business online using social media

* Are feeling lost or overwhelmed with information and not sure what action steps to take to grow your business

Already have an existing business (freelancer, mlm, e-commerce store, affiliate marketing, blogger, etc. but want to take it to the next level take it to the next level.

*  A creative (artist, comedian, actor, musician, YouTuber, etc.), that wants to grow their following and brand while generating income.

​​* Looking to learn how to make an additional stream of income using social media

* A high school/college/graduate student that wants to start an online business

* Working a full or part time job but want to create additional passive income streams

Have a side hustle that you want to turn into a thriving online business

Topics That We Can Cover During Our Session

* Product ideas

* How to get more social media followers (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)

* How to get more YouTube subscribers

* Amazon & Dropshipping 

* Funnel creation

* Email marketing 

* How to increase sales 

* Content creation and marketing 

* Goal setting

And more...

Want To Start An Amazon Business?

Starting an Amazon business can be an enjoyable and highly profitable journey if you know the right action steps to take. With first hand experience of dropshipping and selling on Amazon I can tell you that the potential of selling on this platform is enormous. Find out how to start an Amazon business on a budget of less than $2k and how to turn this around into a profitable and growing business!

How Long Is A 1-on-1 Blitz Session?

A blitz session typically lasts an hour long. It is divided into two main segments:

1) Evaluation: 20 mins

During the first part of our session we discuss what your business is about, goals, and what questions/ problems you are facing with growing and monetizing 

2) Strategy: 40 - 60 mins

After a brief evaluation we work together to design a custom strategy for how to achieve your goals related to growing your brand, selling your products/services and making you profitable.

I also answer any and all questions you have in regards to planning, executing, and scaling your online business. 


Tracey Hughes / Photographer & Designer  



Before working with Gabe I wasn't sure how to get more clients for my photography business. Now I feel much more confident and have a plan to grow my instagram following and get more customers. Thanks Gabe! 

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